Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The dogwood table runner is almost done.  This block needs quilting...

this one is done....

The side triangles are done...

And here is a better shot of the whole thing!
So?  What do you think?  Not bad!  I was sent the 2 blocks and dug through my stash to find colors that matched.  I was sure I had the exact fabrics, but did not.  Pretty close though!  So one more day of quilting and it'll be ready to ship.  I love getting things done!  You get to do the Happy Dance!
Bee was fun today!  Lots of people showing back up.  Laughter abounds!  Jokes that we have to close the door to listen too and not scare the other people in the building!  Too much fun is had by all and we get quilting done.  I'm working on the antique quilt and it's going much faster than I thought it would!  It's a Lone Star design.  Not really my thing, but it is very pretty.  Hand pieced, so I felt it should be hand quilted. 
Nail in my tire... had it looked at today, and it's too close to the edge of the tire to just be ordered 2 new tires...over $800.  Gulp.  I feel like getting those big magnets and going on the roads I drive on and pick up the loose nails and sharp stuff.  I have gotten 3 to 5 nails in my tires in the last 4 years.... getting tired of that.  I love the place I take my car in for any kind of work.  The guys down there are super nice and don't give me any song and dance.  They are straight with the information.  So I trust them.  Do you trust your car dealership? 
Talked with my sister today.  We can talk for an hour before we even realize it!  Feels good to talk with her anytime.  She can calm me down if things are going badly.  And I can talk her down if it's crazy that day.  Aren't sisters wonderful!  That's why I drive all the way up there every year!  Time to start planning alittle bit of next year.  Got to line up the big trips so we know what is going to happen.  Got a couple more big ones lined up this year.... should be some more fun happening! 
And a different subject...anyone like the "Tower of Power" group?!  I love them.  They had their 40th celebration on tv and I recorded it.  "What is Hip" is one of their big songs.  Gets you moving!  I get lots done in the sewing room if I have on funky music or a fast paced movie. 
Now I have been posting for 8 months....and rarely get comments.  Anyone out there?  Let me know what you think, like to see, or want me to talk about... Not sure how I'm doing! 
Keep quilting and funky stuff!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here's the one on the design wall. It was all straight pieced log cabin blocks and I got really tired of that!  So now the curvy or wavy lines are really making it fun.  It's slow going, but I love adding the colors and twists.  If you go back a couple of days you can see the rather plain blocks on the wall.....

I have taken a few closer shots so you can see the mish mash style that I seem to have. 

There are strips just up there on view to see if the colors work in there.

Don't know how big it will be either.

Just keeps going and going..... eventually, I will have to sew the 3 long sections together.  I'm begining to wonder how I'm going to do that.  Trial and error...lots of error?  Isn't that how you learn?  Keep trying.  I figure since I'm doing "my own thing", no one can tell me I have done something wrong.
I was at judging once for our show.  I have only gone to judging twice... this one judge kept flipping the corner of a quilt, and making the quilt kind of do a "wave"...and she would say, "Straight lines should be straight."  Well it was before you started to shake it!  And with all the handling, shipping, folding, refolding, and moving of the just had to run you hand along them, and voila!  Straight!  What was she thinking.  YOU KNOW that everyone cuts the fabrics straight, sews them straight.  Irons them straight, and QUILTS them straight..... Geeze.  It bothered me so much, that I LOVE TO MAKE THEM WAVY!!!  I hope I get that judge some time.  Just to drive her bonkers.  Trouble is, I have such a bad memory, I don't remember who that was.  So I'm making them all crazy. 
And then there are the 3 little words that drive us all nuts.  You know what they are! 
"Quilt as desired."
If you aren't used to picking out quilt designs and don't know how they can change the look of your quilt, then you are in trouble.  So when I'm looking at this Log Jam on the wall....I'm thinking, "what in the world am I going to quilt."  Circles, swirls like down a drain, waves, lines out from the center of each block.????  Haven't figured this out at all.  Anyone got some idea that may spark a design?  Remember, I hand quilt. 

Oh, yea...the one in the frame is ready to come out.  But the table is busy right now.....

I'm piecing a table runner for another woman.  She made the two blocks and I'm figuring out what to do with them....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Guess who got home last night?  Yea, he was alittle more than half way down to Louisiana when he got the call the  meetings were cancelled!  I was happy, but he had to turn around and drive 6 1/2 hours back home.  So where is that storm now?

The quilt in the frame is ready to come out!!!!  (Happy dance...)  It'll go on the table and I'll quilt out to the edge.  Then binding.  First I would like to mark and baste the next quilt...but I'm waiting for the backing.  She's washing it and adding 6" to it.  Always measure things.  We measured the top and it was bigger than the chart in the book said it would be.  Mmmm?  Book wrong?  Nope, but life has a strange way of being different than charts.

I have also been working on the log cabin blocks.  Since I'm doing curved piecing and it's scrappy, it's taking a lot longer to piece together.  Each strip  has to be cut to fit the piece it's going to be next to.  And I wanted it alittle I'm fitting in more strips... Worked until 8:45pm and then it suddenly felt overwhelming.  So I'll wait until tomorrow when the curtains are open and the light is coming in.  If I ate some chocolate, I would keep going, but then I would never go to sleep tonight. 

I'll take pictures of that tomorrow.  It's busy, that's for sure.  But I love them like that.    (See "Press Any Key")  Tuesday is my day to stay home and get things done.  Need to vacuum....and when did I change the sheets last?  Crap.  Better do that.  Phone calls and dye my roots... Will get plenty of sewing time though.  Just can't live without that!

I was in Walmart today.  A couple came in with a baby in the carrier and spoke to the cashier.  Seemed to be all one family, several generations.  I always ask "What isle did you find that cutie in?"  Now usually, they say the diaper isle, or something like that...but this time the guy said "In the liquior isle actually."  Best come-back line I have heard in a long time!!!

Keep laughing!  Patty

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Well, got up at 4:30am this morning to see Terry off.  He is driving to Louisiana today for meetings.  So I'll get to quilt for several days!  Not bad... but the first day he's gone, I'm always in somewhat of a slump. 

What do you do to get out of that?  Got music on now...sometimes that helps.  Thinking about all the people that have passed lately.  Phylis Diller was my first and favorite women comedians.  Then the "Count" from Sesame Street.  And now Neil Armstrong.  People who were (are) important in my life anyways.  Starting to feel old...older than my calicos!

So many quilts to make!  Need to get busy.  Sun isn't even up yet.... so I have to get organized and pace myself.  Since I got up so early, I'll have to nap later...or just hand sew.  My back was hurting yesterday.  Tried to get the log cabin pieces up on the wall, and jumped up to push them there.  When I landed, I felt it go out.  Yuck!  Doesn't feel too bad today.  I don't mind getting older, it's the wearing out part that is a bitch.

There's a story that I have really been mulling over and I want to write.... so I may just start that this afternoon. Doesn't everyone want to write?  Just we all can't come up with cliff hangers that will sell thousands of copies.  But what if you have an interesting idea that might be fun?  Shouldn't you at least try to put it down.... Yea....

I'll be busy sewing and writing... if I like how it goes, I'll let you in on the story later on...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I made a table runner that looks like 3 spools together!  Here's how!!!  I don't usually show how to do things but this took me half a day.  So get out 3 fabrics that look like thread...with lines or colors that you like.  And a brown for the spool.

Here's the shape.  The center is cut 10 1/2 x
8 1/2".   Make sure to cut the fabric with the lines going across the short way to look like thread.   The ends are cut in rectangles that measure 3 x 11 1/2".  At the bottom of the rectangle, measure over 1 1/2" and cut from that point to the upper corner to get the right angle for the top and bottom of all the spools.  Now sew a top and bottom onto each center. 

Here are my 3 spools! 

Now line them up  just not in an exact row so it looks like they are stacked unevenly.  Sew the ends together.  Lay them onto a very thin batting or flannel and cut that to fit the spools exactly.

Lay those onto the backing.  I used more of the brown so the back of all this looks like empty spools.  You can use anything.  PIN IT BEFORE YOU CUT.  Why?  Because when you sew around it, it's more stable and easier to handle.

Pins hold it in place.  When you get to where there's a seam in the spools, Needle down on the machine, turn and start the next line.  If you are careful there, then it's easier when you turn it all inside out.  Leave an opening at one of the ends for turning..... CLIP ends and the corners well so it will lie flatter after turning.

Turn and work the points out carefully.  Sometimes using a pin from the outside helps....

There's the back after quilting.

Here's the top!  Not bad!  I did machine quilt, straight lines in the brown... and a long slanted lines to look like thread on the spools. 
This is for the Ritzy Thimbles Guild exchange in November.  They do Table Runners for that !  Kind of cool.  Good idea for any group. 
I will probably make on in different colors for me... probably blues.  And you can make more spools for placemats!  Very cool idea!  Sometimes simple is better.  They wanted colors for winter, not neccessarily Christmas colors. 
Keep quilting!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Got a new one in to work on yesterday.  Will get started marking it soon.  Owner has to get the backing ready.  It is gorgeous!

One waiting on the wall....

And this one in the frame is almost finished in there.  I will have to use the hoop to quilt out to the edges.  Then binding.  Fun to see them get done and come in.! 
I also started quilting on the Lone Star quilt that I got the top in an antique store.  Have to see those old quilt tops get finished!  They wait patiently for me to show up and quilt them.  Figured that since I just bought that other one, I'd better start quilting one now.  Several more waiting!  Though I'm thinking I need to applique something onto the purple and orange top  Gloria said big daisies!  I think that would work well!  Or else something from Mardi beads and a mask.  Can't stop the ideas from flowing...
Terry is leaving on sunday to go to meetings for most of the week.  So I have gotten some Hersey's kisses and stocked up on food... will stay in as much as possible and just quilt!  Also need to start piecing another project for a customer and then there's THE t shirt quilt...
So I am back in the sewing room and loving it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yea!!!  It's done!  "Press Any Key".  It has a computer key board on fabric.  The colored lines are supposed to be like the wiring on the mother board (That's me, the mother board.).  I love the craziness of it all.  That is life!  Bouncing around, too much going on.  I love it.  Got to put on the casing and the label, then it's ready for the world. 

Here's it pulled over  the edge of the table.  Too much?  I hope so.....

There's the keyboard.  The camera didn't like taking that picture.  Better get used to that. 

Here's alittle more of the upper corner....

And the side edges are wonky.  Yea....
So sweet to get one done.  Now I have to find another one in the pile to drag to bee!  Ah!  THat's tomorrow.  I can also show them the purple and orange quilt top I got last weekend.
Ever hear of the group, Tower of Power?  I love them.  Funk and Soul.  They have been around for 44 years, and I don't own a single album of theirs!  Have to fix that!  Got the recording of their tv special blaring in the back ground now. 
Speaking of blaring.... I got my hearing checked today.  It's alittle worse than 4 years ago... but not by much.  So it's up to me if I want to get hearing aids or not.  Part of me is SCREAMING to go get them.  But it would be something new and different, which keeps me hanging back alittle.  So I am considering it seriously and probably will get them.  Would be nice to hear conversations better and not have the tv cranked up so much.  Now this also means that my  "better-half" should go get his hearing checked too.  If I turn the tv down.... then he won't be able to hear it.  Mmmm?  It's been talked about and we are in agreement.  Both of us, together are going to go through this.  YEA!  It'll keep the marriage going strong if we both stop saying, "What?" all the time. 
So life goes on. 
Keep quilting.
Turn it UP!!!  and enjoy life!
I'm Jazzed!  Stand back and dance!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I can put t shirts' designs together and make a quilt top.  I cut them out nice and square.... I did not cut these out.... So you get to see them now, and I will try to make the quilt top out of them....

Not sure I'll be able to use them all....


Not sure how great the sissors were that she has.  This will be a true challenge....

I can appreciate that people want to help and make things easier for others.  I have tried to do things also... but maybe you have to ask if that is a good thing, or how much space to leave round the designs to make it easier.  

Ok, I have to leave that alone now.  I am almost finished with "Press Any Key".  Remember that one?  Will take a picture of it tomorrow.  Just been going over it to make sure I have quilted all the little blocks.  Been taking it to bee every week.  So I haven't gone from one side to the other... when you leave off somewhere, and just pick it up the next week "where ever",  then it's easy to skip a place or two.  I also thought that it needs alittle more quilting in some of the circles.  There are 3 sized circles.  The smallest don't need quilting, but the medium and the large do.   Then on the back, I need to put on a casing and the label right away.  I don't like to go back and find out that I forgot those.  I did try to photograph many pieces (way back in January) and more than half of those didn't have labels!  So I had to make labels one day and just sew them on....

I have been looking at the catalog for the Houston show!  Wow.  So many classes and lectures.  I can see why people go for days.  I wasn't planning on taking any classes, but there is one about marking a whole cloth quilt with feather designs that you make yourself!  So many times you can learn the tricks and hints and save yourself soooooo much time.  So I might have to take that class.  I just can't bring the sissors that you need.  Wonder if I can bring a rotary cutter on the plane?  Anyone?

Got to go and have a chocolate snack.  Just need to go laugh and veg for a minute!  Talk amongst yourselves....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where have I been?  Busy!  And Terry too.  He has upgraded our modem and router!  So things happen much faster on the putors and the pictures came through with out lines through them!  I have been trying to get some curved piecing going on the log cabin blocks!  Love how crazy it is!  Might just call this one  "Log Jam". 

Spent yesterday with a very good friend and we love to go eat and yard sale...and I got this quilt top!  Not my colors.  Who likes purple and orange together?  So why  did I get this?  Because it is really well done!  BY HAND!!!  So it needs to be quilted.  BY hand!  It's double bed size....Ha!  I finally get to say that.  Everyone who comes to me with a quilt and I ask how big is it....well, it's double bed.  I haven't measured it yet... And I would love to put some border on it... Maybe applique a few circles on it?  Add yellow and green and it could pass for a Mardi Gras quilt... what do you think?

then I also found this insulated bag with a dragon on it!  The inside is dirty, so I have to clean it out before anything goes into it.  The sale was an estate sale and everything in the house was going.  Sometimes it's very interesting what's there.  Other times, it just seems like so much junk... No fabrics there, which surprised me.  The quilt top and another quilt that was done were there.  The quilt went for $75!  Red, white, and blue, all hand done!  Wow.... the top was priced for $40....seemed unbalanced to me.  So I asked if they would take $20...and they did!  Yahoo.  Do happy dance here. 

Well, do you realize how many quilts I have "rescued" and they need to be quilted?  A LOT.  I have one basted.... a lone star quilt.  But I must have another 8 to 10.  I get one done a year with those.  And then there's all the ones I have been putting together to feel creative.  And all that I do for customers.  Mmmm?  Need clone. 

I don't care.  I love it.  Income and outlet.  All works for me.  Trouble is finding time to do everything that I have to do and then what I want to do.  I spent all day, Saturday, with my friend, and then went out to dinner with another friend and Terry.  It was a mini vacation.  Today, we usually go get a bagel and hang out with car guys...but I said no thanks to it today.  Just need to catch up on laundry and more sewing!  Pizza later, so no cooking today.

So how do you find time to sew?  I gave up cooking and cleaning (for the most part).  Buy food and have it in the fridge.  When they get hungry, they will find it.  Clean just before the health department shows up.  Used to be before company came, but over the years, I have convinced people not to come anymore!  No guest bedroom or spare bed in the house.  That also makes it easier to vacuum in there!  We got a dining room table that only seats 2...  really.  Do you have to have people over?  My quilting buddies are always welcomed.  They "ooooh" and "aaaaah" at the fun stuff and step over the other stuff.  No biggy.

I do laundry every other day.  Don't let that build up.  What's to that, anyways?  Throw it all in one machine, come back in an hour and move it to the next machine.  Fold as if comes out of the dryer and put it right away.  Now I put my clothes away.  Terry's goes on top of the bureau.  I did try to be nice and put things away when we were first married.... but then he kept asking me where each item was.  Well, I didn't memorize that!  So he can put them where ever now and I dont' worry about it.

I do wipe down the bathrooms every saturday morning.  I can't stand dirty bathrooms.... Nothing worse than having a smell knock you over in there.  Or find wet towels anywheres.  No bad habits there.  Even my son was taught to hang up towels or die.  Very effective. 

I garden when I absolutely have to.  Yuck.....double yuck.  I'd rather clean a grease trap.  I love seeing a nice garden.... but not work it. 

What else?  Well, when I think of anything else, I'll add it in that day!  I do make lists...and loose them.  But it is nice to check things off.  Like make calls and yell at the people who are supposed to be showing up and getting things done!  This year, appointments are not being kept.  I don't like yelling at people.  Bad karma.  I just don't like getting all flustered.  So most of the time you just tell them you are taking your business else wheres and they show up that day.

I am signed up to go to the Houston Quilt show!!!  It's been 5 or 6 years since I went.  Need a large show to kick start more ideas....well, to get back in there with a furry.  I really don't need more ideas or stuff, but it sure is fun to go see what is being made out there!  Working at home, you begin to wonder what's out past the front yard!  Thank God there are still people putting on shows! 

So hang your quilts outside and see who stops by! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

There were 2 bucks in the neighbors backyard last night!  Very pretty!  There are 10 acres of wooded land back there.  So there are plenty of critters back there!

I have started piecing curvy stripes onto the log cabin blocks.  Slow going, but fun.  Started in the middle part, and working down.  Then will work to get the sides and fit it all together. 

This one was at Bee today!  Tone's Mom made it!  She does some crazy things that really work out well!  It has a piece of flannel inside instead of batting.  It's meant to be used as a table cloth.  Tone brought cake today!  See, at bee, we all forget birthdays, so we made the rule, "if it's your birthday, you bring the cake!"  That way you remember, and pick out a cake that you like!  And we are all happy that you were born! 

Last Sunday was Coffee and Cars at the West Town Mall.  So here are some pictures of  just a few of the cars that were there.  300 to 400 cars were there!  It was great to see so many different ones.  ( There is a guy taking a pictures of our car!)

Ours is the blue Porsche...

There were plenty of other blue ones there!  Love it!

And some very cool yellow ones.

Race cars too.  This one even has a/c holes in the seat!  Need those!

And a bug!  It was for sale, but I didn't get the number.

Great paint jobs on many cars and trucks.

It was really fun to see the cars and the people walking around.  Then as people left, the drivers were going too fast.  Cops had to get up on the street and slow people down.  Car people are very creative! 

So I have started on the log cabin blocks and decided to do curved piecing  inbetween them.  Time consumming but it's going to look really wild when it's done!  I love to be different!  It'll be a challenge to try and think up something to quilt on this one!

Bee was great today!  So much laughter!  We all need that.  And cake!  Kroger's strawberry cake.  Really good.  Now it's time to calm down and try to get something done!  That's a challenge....

Get out those cutters and start something fun! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ah, it's Wednesday...what happened to Tuesday?  I got alot done....eyes checked after quilting 2 hours.  Then a coffee at Books a Million.  Love the Mocha Frappes!  Over to Applebees for lunch and home for more quilting.  Down to Home Depot for a large sheet of plywood.  Terry is working on the entertainment center for the basement.  It's getting so heavy, I am not much help when he wants to move that around!

This morning was work out, chiropractor, and meet a customer at a quilt shop to pick out fabric for the binding.  Home for lunch, now quilting....with a run to the basement to try and help move that entertaiinment center....

Now a headache is bugging me and I'm trying to ignor it.  Time to cut up fabrics for fun and try to work on the log cabin blocks.  Got lots of black and white fabrics pulled out...let's see what kind of a mess I can make!

Got 2 more customers going to bring things over for me to look at and another customer had sent fabrics for a Florida quilt...need to work up an estimate.  I'm running in place as fast as I can! 

Keep quilting!  Just play and enjoy the texture of the fabrics and the colors!  Patty

Monday, August 13, 2012

Trading cards!  That's what I pulled out last night to work on!  I layered top fabric, 2 layers of a thin batting and a backing fabric.  Measured the right sizes then sewed around those.  Then I have been embroidaring in the little areas.  I used to embroidare all the time. 

Then you cut them apart and finish the edges.  Sign the back and date them.  Trade with your friends!  Which is what I'm going to do thursday!  Candace sent some cards to Tone to bring to bee.  So I wanted to make a new card.  Candace makes great cards. 

Terry's bee stings have swollen up.  Mine is going away.  That is backwards.  But I took benedryl right away and he didn't take as much as I did.  He did go to a clinic this morning and got prescriptions....but hasn't filled them.  Don't know what he's waiting for?  I'm worried because I have such bad reactions to bees.  He usually doesn't but this time he got so many stings.  Yuck.

I have been getting things done slowly but surely in this room.  Pulled over the other challenge just before dinner and started in on that.  It's due the end of the year.  No pictures until then!  I'm not entering as many shows or contests anymore.  Got way more expensive and few prizes.  You need at least a chance to get some money back to cover entry fees/postage/ and photography.  Now there's digital stuff, and I really don't know how to "cut a cd"...cut a rug, cut up, cut out, and a few other cuts.... but not the cd.  Oh it's easy!  You hear that alot.  But I'm a visual person.  I need to see how to do it, or I'm lost.  Although I bit my tongue and got this blog set up!  Nothing fancy.  I can't change out the background or add things onto the sides.  But really, how many people check those things out? 

Has anyone else noticed that there are fewer contests?  And smaller prizes?  Shows have come up with more rules and restrictions.  Used to be several shows a month.  Now it's just a couple this summer.  Don't know what's going on with orgainizers.  I guess that the same people did all the work and got tired of doing it all.  Or it got more complicated... I hope that there will be more after a break.  I would love to open a quilt gallery and be able to show off quilts that I love.  Someday if I win the lottery...

Tomorrow, I get my eyes checked and probably order new glasses.  Ok, I can handle that.  Then next week, comes the hearing test.  What?  Say again?  Yea, it's time to get that checked again.  Last time I got that done, they told me I had the hearing capabilities of a 75 year old woman...I was 55.  I didn't laugh when he said I looked pretty good for 75.  So I wonder how bad it is now.  I don't mind growing old, it's the wearing out part that really stinks.  At least I can still see colors and the stitches.  Just talk louder to me.  Though they do have hearing aids there... if I get one, then Terry should get one.  We have to yell at each other!  Yelling "I love you" isn't the same as saying it quietly!

I look at older women in the store and realize that could be me some day.  So I wait in line quietly while they fumble for money or cards.  Then we talk about quilts and everything is ok.  Quilts are the universal love.  You mention that you make quilts and the stories come out.  People realize the amount of work it takes to make one.  I love working on quilt tops that have been forgotten and see them come to life after years in storage.  I add the soul. 

It's all good. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

ok, heres what i have started.  i wanted to add something on the edges.  

binding seemed like a good idea...but it wasnt easy to stitch it on.

and folding it over looked crummy and meant more stitching.  it wasnt lying flat.  so i tried th zigzag over yarn right on the edge.

looks much better, and you only have to go around each piece once.

so why is my typing so bad...i got stung on my right ear and im holding ice on it.  i hate bees  if i get one in the car, then i would rather be in an accident than get stung.  i took 2 benedrll.  so we will see if i need to go for more hrlp later.  terry found them behind the shed when he was mowing....and he came up to get help to get them all off him.  then they came at me and 3 got in the house.  nasty little shits.