Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

York!  It's a wonderful place with very long history!  It's the third most visited city in Europe...after Paris and London.  With the Olympics coming up, there were converstations in languages that I didn't know, all around us!  I love this part of the bridge!  Looks like a Harry Potter building!  Well, most of these do anyways!

There's Terry looking over the river, and Leslie walking towards him.  The other side of the river is another tower to protect the castle from intruders on the water.

Another gate on the bridge.  Just love the details.

On top of some parts are statues to scare the intruders.  Still there after centuries.

Another main gate through the wall.  Some were added to make it easier for the roads for cars.

Love the stairs up to the top of the walls.

We took the bus around the city.  When you buy a ticket, it's good for 24 hours.  So you can get on and off when you want to see things.  They told alot of the history about the city when you were on that.  There was a quilt museum!  So Leslie and I went to that.  No pictures were allowed inside.  But if you go to facebook and find Leslie's pictures of York, she has one there.  The quilts were through the guild in Europe.  They had 2 quilt from each country.  Great display of techniques and designs!  Another room had beach scenes, each one was about 10" wide and 36" long.!  Very cool way for a challenge to go.  The 3rd room had all miniatures.  Extrodinary!!!!!!  I did get the book that had the main show quilts in it.  And another book called "Push Stitchery".  Need to get a picture up for that tomorrow.  Very cool stuff being made up with fibre.  (Oops the English spelling is there....)

Some more of the castle wall.  It still goes all the way around the city.  You can walk all (or most) of it.  We looked at real estate prices in one window....forget it.  They want a queen's ransome to own over there!

Here's another main gate from the inside of the wall....

Another bridge section.

The art museum is on the very left.  Then you go around more of the wall to get into the town.

This is an orginal building still there.  They were having a wedding behind it.

Ah, in the park, we ate lunch...and the ducks know about that....

This is ontop of the bus riding around.  And yes, they are on the correct side of the road for over there.  Not very wide roads!

Mmmm?  I think I put this one up twice.

Better shot down the river.  Love the lamps!  Every thing is a piece of art.  Not just a plain lamp, but crafted!

This is the last part of the main castle in York. 

And this is the back of one building.  The small part sticking out on the second story it the toilet....ok, things were gross back then.  No sewer lines.  It dumped on the streets. 

York was alot of fun to walk around.  Not so big that you couldn't walk around it or through it.  Another friend told us about a book of the "Snickleways of York".  Those are the little alley ways that are "hiding" through out the city!  I want to get that book for the next time we go there!

Terry wanted to get the traditional steak and kidney pie for a meal while in England.  Would think we could be able to find that...but there was chinese food, Italian, Thai, burgers, Greece....and NO English food!!!  Drat.  So we found a Hilton and asked at the front desk....he didn't have any idea.  Then a waiter from their resturant was just leaving and we asked him.  Down by the river were pubs!  Off we went... It was packed with people that had to have been drinking all day.  It was just before 5pm.  So they had steak and ale pie!  Close enough.  Leslie and Terry each got that and I got a sandwich.  Good food!  And a show....there were some people there that were so drunk, the security guys were trying to get them out.  Including one woman who was passing out at the booth.  Now we had never seen security guards at bars, but apparently, the bars in York get extremely rowdy!!!  So we didn't stay out after dark! 

Next day we went to the railroad museum.  Pictures of that tomorrow.  I have been working on the blue quilt with all the circles.  Almost have the binding on it.  I think it needs alittle more quilting in some spots.  Just looks alittle lacking.  I was gone a month and need to remember where I left off on things.

I did come back to a collection agent notice!  Do you believe it?!!!  For CPAP equipement that I didn't even get!  When I got the equipment, April 2... they don't tell you how much you owe because they file with the insurance company.  They I got the bill for how much I owed, and it was for different pieces of equipment.... so I went to the local office and questioned it.  She was supposedly fixing this.... I was gone for 2 weeks to my sister's and came zooming home to go to England for the funeral, and there's a notice that it needs to be paid or it would go to the agency....ok, I stopped in the local office again, and she said they were working on it and don't pay it.  Fine.  Come back from 2 weeks of paperwork and a funeral and there's the collection agency's paper!  For the pieces that I didn't even get! 

Phone calls to the collection agency...disputing the charges.  phone call to the billing in Atlanta, what is going on?   They didn't have anything down about the wrong billing.  I paid for one piece even though I don't think it was correct.  All this for $55.10?  I'm so pissed off about computers and the lack of talent for the operators.  It's as if they put my name on someone else's list of stuff.  Some of the things I don't even use.  So I'm not paying for those. 

We also had trouble with the Visa card people....but I'll leave that rant for another day.  My card is cut up already, and Terry's soon will be!!!!!

We are planning on going to England next year to see Enid and make sure she's doing ok.  We met so many relatives that were only names before.  I love it over there!!! Leslie lives up in Scotland, so I want to go see her again!  Love to travel.  Next time I'll have hand work to carry with me!  I didn't quilt for 2 weeks!!!!  And Enid doesn't watch tv, so I didn't see too much of that!  I lived, but I'm happy to be back in my sewing room that is overflowing with new fabric from the trip to my sister's.  And loads of projects all trying to get into the work space! 

Keep quilting!!!  Patty


  1. Hi, Patty. Glad to see you got a bit of time off to be a tourist. York looks very interesting.
    best, nadia

  2. Yes, a lovely town. We got our grandfather-clock there in times when customs were still very rude - but we got it over to the continent playing tricks. But Patty, these ducks are really geese, as I know. they migrate to Germany and stay in our park in Karlsruhe (and probably in many other places) from time to time. But I could be wrong.