Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This was at the Railroad museum in York.  Very interesting.  I'm not a train person, but I love seeing the old trains and how they were designed.  The art work and decor was great.

Here's in the engine.  Lots of copper that had been beaten into submission.....

Then the old signs were great!  Define "nusiance".  Kind of leaves it wide open, doesn't it!

In the sleeping cars there were the Durham quilts!  All done by hand!  Can you imagine!  I love it.

Here's the side of the post car. 

Lots of engines!

Front of the English royal engine.  Leslie told me that the Scot's engine had the lion and the unicorn on opposite sides.

I love the old posters for travel!  Check out the cool cat in this one!

The women's clothing is great.

Leslie and Terry

I think this was one of the oldest ones in there.

Terry spent more time in there.  He went around the workshop used to repair trains.  He said that part was really interesting.  The museum opened at 10am.  It would be really easy to spend the whole day there.  We spent a couple of hours and didn't get to see about half. 

So York really is a place you can spend several days wondering around and going through different places.  I want the book about the Snickleways of York to go find all those little alley ways.  Can you imagine living there before electricty, cars and running water?  Horses and sheep everywhere... I can picture it...

Well I got the blue quilt done.   That goes to the next quilt guild meeting that is tomorrow night in Oak Ridge.  I have missed so much around here having been out of town for 4 weeks.  I need all my quilting buddies! 

Haven't quite prewashed all my new fabric yet!  Still have the yellow/browns, and the pinks/reds to do.  2 loads aught to do it.... Got a few more things to finish up, then I'm going to start something new.  Just need to be creative to feel like I'm home!!!

So?  What have you been up to?  Start anything new or finish anything?  Keep going.  Don't stop!  If anything has hit me lately, life is short so make all the quilts you can!  They will be around alot longer than we will.  That's my legacy. 

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