Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ok, I'm finally getting pictures on line!  This is my sister getting the bed ready for me to stay over!  It was quite comfy.  A/C worked great!  Had a couple of days in the 90's up there.  I got there and was there for 2 weeks.  Should have been 3...but more on that later.

This is the house next door.  He had a boat that needed to be put into the water.  Each night that he worked on it, my car would be unlocked and the hood was unlatched!  Only thing we could figure out, was something on the boat would send out an electronic pulse that would unlock my car.  After the boat was gone, that stopped!  My car was in the garage on the right.

This is what's left of a house that had been very grand out in the woods on the west side of Keene, NH.  We drove over there and hiked up to see it.  We (of course) took the wrong path first.  But it was a beautiful day out and I was happy to go for a short hike.

You can see the size of this staircase with my sister sitting there.  The foundation of the house is still there as well as many stone walls.

This is the pond just below it.  A couple of stone damns, there must have been electrical power from those.

This is the other part of the foundation.  The views must have been great.  Trees have grown up to block it.

Here's the staircase and the path that goes up the other side.

This is Froggies Resturant!  Great food.  They serve breakfast and lunch.  Huge meals.  We go there on Sunday morning for pancakes and eggs.  Very local place that is wonderful.

Outside of Froggies is the river.  Someone made a giant rubber duck!  Laura is "holding" it up.....

Here's a closer picture of the duck.  It's anchored out there in the river.

Here's an interesting way to stack the flower pots!  Put a metal rod in the ground, then put the pots on and tilt them in opposite directions!  It looks really cool!

Here's a butterfly that was not bothered by me being there at all. 

Here's Laura and Phil, her hubby. Walking back from looking at the duck. 

I was having a good time up there and really relaxing.  Weather was starting to cool down from 95...when I got the call from England.  Terry's Dad, Ken, had died.  I called Terry on the rig, and we agreed to go home as fast as we each could and then we would go over for the funeral.  I called England and let them know.  Packed the car up and left the next day.  It took me 2 days to drive home.  Took Terry 1 day to get home.  He made reservations for the plane and rental car.  I had less than 24 hours to unpack and repack.  Then 2 days to fly and drive up there to Enid's house. 

Ok, tears, hugs, smiles, and more tears.  Arrangements made and a funeral.  It happened while there was the wettest time in recorded history there.  Flash floods slowed some people, but everyone got there.  The church was packed.  The reception had over 60 people there.  (My wedding only had 25!)  I got to see people I haven't seen in years and got to meet so many more that I have only heard the names.  It was great. 

Food left over went over to the house along with relatives and we all ate again.  My friend, Leslie had come down from Scotland.  She was going to go to York the next day and talked us into going with her for a break.  That was great!  2 days and 1 night in York with a friend I have known all my life!  Terry, Leslie and I walked all over the place and really enjoyed it. 

The next week was the business end of death.  The certificate, the bank, lawyer, financial guy, and more paperwork.  Carole, Enid's daughter had spent hours upon days going through the computor.  Finding what's important and finding passwords.  Now I want to tell you all to get things in order and don't hide the passwords too hard.  Enid can't even turn on a puter, and Ken did everything on it.  Try to reverse that....not every company will.  We did what we could.  Then had to leave.

The trip back was alot of hurry up, and wait.  and wait....and wait... I hate to travel by plane anymore.  We got to Dulles and there wasn't any crew to more the gate over to the plane so we could get off the plane!  20 minutes waiting for the door to open.  just stupid.

So we are home.  and I have slowly tried to get back into routine.  I don't seem to be able to get back to sewing.  Been weeks.  Not that I don't want to.  But I sit down and think about other things that have to get done.  Called AT&T to set up international calls.... working on getting credit cards sorted out.  other things that don't seem important but must get done.

More pictures tomorrow.  Got a bunch.  I did get to a quilt museum in York.  That was interesting to see quilts from other countries.... Didn't get to any fabric shops.  Ah, well...we are going to go to England next year as we wanted to.  So hopefully, it'll be more fun things.

I promise to get back to fun things and colorful stuff.  Have all the fabric to prewash from by trip to see Laura.  All that was piled on my table when we got back. 

Today is our 31st anniversary.  We both kind of forgot about it.  Just doesn't seem like time to celebrate. 


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  1. I'm glad you are home again! Just when a person thinks life is, at last, simple - for a short while, it gets really complicated fast! Write down all the thoughts of things that need attention, that will help with getting back into sewing. It feels great to cross items off of a list! Take care! Laura