Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Next one that is basted and put into the frame!  Very old top that a customer brought to me to quilt.  Most fabrics are from the 30's.  A friend who knows about dating fabrics, said that the pink in some blocks is from the 40's and one other fabric is from the 50's.  So this may have been started in the 30's, but it had to have been finished in the 50's.  I love finding out about things like this when someone brings a quilt top to me.  The history of it can be figured out a little.  But you need to put a tag on the quilt.

Signing your quilts is important for a couple of reasons.  Letting the future know who made it and any reasons why you made it.  I don't always put a date on the label but I do keep records of everything I work on....(which I will have to update this weekend....).  I also put on the size of the quilt.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to remeasure quilts for all kinds of reasons.  It's a waste of time when you can just put it on the label. 

Put your full name, address, and current phone number!!!!  Quilts do get misplaced, lost and stolen.  This can only help get those precious things back to you!!!!!  There is a site for lost quilts with hundreds listed that are gone.  So many times it's when there has been a move, or it was dropped... just an accident.  But other times, stolen.  Sometimes they think that the theft actually used the quilt to haul away electronic stuff.  The theft didn't even know anything about quilts. 

Handing down quilts through generations, well, names get lost  or mistaken.  It's nice to remember who actually made the quilts.  I do ask if I can put labels on quilts for customers and put down any information they want.  Including my name as the quilter.  I'm not trying to brag with it there, but it is nice to be known as someone who worked on that piece.  

I love putting the dates on wedding quilts.  The "groom" can check the quilt to see when his anniversary will be! 

Which, by the way, do you know the absolute best day to get married on?  Think about it... the groom's birthday!  He'll remember that!  Or he won't get a birthday present or an anniversary present.

I'm feeling better after being home over a week.  Starting to feel way more normal.  Saw a cartoon that had a little girl ask her mother "What is normal?"   The mom says, "It's just a setting on the washer."  Too True!

So keep quilting and laugh with your friends.  Spent the day with Shirley.  Driving Miss Shirley!  Her hubby, James, can't drive anymore and she never learned how to drive.  So I had fun with Shirley driving her around to different stores.  She's one of my best friends.  When my Mom died in 2000, she took me under her wing.  She "adopted" me.  Love that.  So I have someone else to call Mom.  She's down to earth and a real hoot to be around.  Find people that make you laugh.  That makes all the crap worth it.!  Patty 

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