Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hi to everyone from around the world that comes and reads my blog!  Australia to China, Great Britain to Africa!  It's fun to see what countries have visited my site! 

Finally got in touch with one customer to get her finished quilt to her.  It was done before I went to my sister's.  We just couldn't connect.  Today we went out to eat lunch, then she came over to get her quilt! 

I decided to start something else out of magenta and lime green!  This is going to be very different.  Just getting the idea "out of the box", and barely no pictures yet.  Magenta really doesn't photograph well. 

I got the A/C to slow and stop leaking last night.  Cleaned out the drain and turned the thermostate up 2 degrees.  Turned all the fans up.  It wasn't bad.  I sleep better when it's warm, so I had a hard time waking up this morning.  The a/c did leak a little more last night, but didnt' go any farther than all the rags I left on the floor.  Sometimes that has gone all the way across the basement floor and under the outside wall.  So you can see why I don't like this!  Tomorrow, the heating and air repairman said he would come over.  Now this guy is really good, and he calls and shows up when he says he will!  It's great to find someone to rely on when Terry is gone so much!

Ok, there was a guild meeting in Norris tonight.  Didn't go.  Had a headache that started around 2:30.  I don't usually get these, so I figure it's the heat and humidity getting to me.  I did make a dessert for that (the meeting, not the headache) I may just bring that to bee!  It's the dessert that is like an eclair in a bowl!   Soooooo goooooood.  If you make it with sugar free pudding, low fat cool whip, low fat gram crackers, and the low sugar frosting....YEA!  It's still good enough to eat the whole bowl and not feel guilty!!!! 

Now I don't put up recipes, so you have ask if you want that one posted....

"Drive like you stole it!"  Quilt that way too!  Patty

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