Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi!  No pictures today, but I can put up the long list of stuff I got done today....boring!  I did get some quilting in!  About time!  And it feels so good to sit there stitching and holding the fabrics.  Too hot outside to get the flower pots up.  I did get the rebar piece that I needed to put them on.  I'll do that tomorrow morning before it gets too hot. 

Tuesdays is usually my day to stay home and just work.  And I mean on fun stuff.  But there's always something lately.  Have a dr's appointment at 2:50.  Have to set an alarm clock so I don't get involved in a project and just space right through that time!  I think I'll treat myself to starting something new since I have done everything for everyone else for the last 6 weeks!  Been finding out that stress is making me sick.  I'm "off"....well, more than usual.  So it's time to play and enjoy something for at least half a day.

So?   Do I start a new piece of clothing?  Too hot... or a different technique?  maybe.... I have plenty of ideas for quilts and wall hangings.  Need to get something into a small bag to have as a take along project.  Didn't ahve anything ready to grab to hop on the plane when we went to England.  So didn't get to sew for those 2 weeks.

I did get lots of new pretty fabrics up at my sister's.  It's all prewashed!  So I can pull out colors and just see what "hits" me.  Love that!  Do have the one on the design wall that has stalled out.  Need to do something drastic to that one to get it on the move.  And I do have the 2 challenges to work on.  The green one did get moving again!  Like what's happening to that one. 

I also want to get out the sheep and figure out what I'm going to quilt in that one.  Maybe just quilt in the sheep into the background with different colored thread!  Cute!  Then the black sheep will be in there! 

So keep quilting everyone!  It's my form of sanity.  Whether for income or an outcome, you end up with something worth hugging!  Patty

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  1. LOVED the Ink Pens. Do you need some Stuffed Dragons for your Castle?