Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another one is finished!  It feels so good to get things done!  This was a panel, cut apart, then sections added to make it larger.

Hand quilted around the pictures.

This was a really cute panel about spring time.

Pinwheels and flying geese were pieced and added.

This is a "teaser" picture of my green challenge!  Seems the putor god is letting me transfer pictures today!  I finished that one yesterday.  Doesn't mean I don't have anything to do.  I have the one on the wall that is almost all pieced.  Two on the table that I'm working on, and one in the frame.  Log cabin blocks have been surfacing and in need of some creative decisions! I have to empty the design wall so I can play with those. 

The water softener has decided it doesn't want to rejuvenate and make more soft water.  Culligan has called back, but I'm not on a schedual yet.  If it's not leaking... then they let you wait.  Everything in the basement has decided not to work right.  Geeze.  Is it the heat?  Or what?  I'm so tired of mechanical things not working right.

I am getting back into the quilting groove.  Loving it.  Need it.  The world has tipped this year and I don't like it.  Just want to have my boring routine back for a while.  I realize life has a way of having things come up and surprise you.  But I need a fun surprise now.  So I'm going to sew up some fun stuff and just enjoy colors and shapes!

Remember...people treat you the way you let them treat you.  Don't give them the chance to. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Alright, the start of anther project.  It's basted and marked...but I'm not sure you can make out the parts I'm going to quilt.  The magenta color is difficult for the camera to work with.  The pixels (fairies in the camera) don't like to use that color.

this is a work in progress on the wall.  It's the names of women who took my 9 patch pizzazz class.  I have been fiddling with this for a while.  Add in 2 trips going in opposite directions... and I have only had a chance to work on it today...after months of it sitting there.  I love quilting.  It is waits quietly while life happens around it. 

I had taken pictures of the challenge and tried to download the corner shots.  But the computer wasn't having any part of it.  They all came out either blue instead of green...or half of the pictures was light and the other half dark.  So I will try to give you a sneek peek some other day.  The challenge is due in I'm waiting to show it there first.  Terribly hard for me.  I hate to keep secrets!

I'm slowly, ever so slowly, getting through all the projects on the table.  Planned on being done with everything out here.... So many new ideas swirling in my head... really want to get to them before the excitement of them goes away...

Need food... Patty

Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh my gosh...what did I do today?  Well...worked out.  Went to the bank, walmart, books-a- million for a mocha frappe, then to Kroger.  Home and put all the stuff away.  Checked on the a/c to see if it was leaking.  lunch... Mike came over for a short time and he starts work on Monday!  Happy Dance!

Some quilting on the one in the frame, phone calls, snack, quilting, tv, dinner, and water the back yard.  I had to pull out the stalks of grass that have seeds on them.  that's the crummy Dallas grass that took over the lawn before.  My hand has blisters from pulling that stuff out. 

So I'm worn out and ready for a bath tonight.  Just want to soak.  Have a sore throat and itchy eyes.  Could be allergies from the lawn.  Tomorrow I really want to sew all day....and I'll have to water things outside.  So I'll get some pictures of stuff then.  I'm ok with routine and boring.  Life got too intense there for a while.  Now I want to relax, get somethings made and go driving. 

Y'all have a good weekend!!!  What colors will you be playing with?  Patty  (Magenta!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hi to everyone from around the world that comes and reads my blog!  Australia to China, Great Britain to Africa!  It's fun to see what countries have visited my site! 

Finally got in touch with one customer to get her finished quilt to her.  It was done before I went to my sister's.  We just couldn't connect.  Today we went out to eat lunch, then she came over to get her quilt! 

I decided to start something else out of magenta and lime green!  This is going to be very different.  Just getting the idea "out of the box", and barely no pictures yet.  Magenta really doesn't photograph well. 

I got the A/C to slow and stop leaking last night.  Cleaned out the drain and turned the thermostate up 2 degrees.  Turned all the fans up.  It wasn't bad.  I sleep better when it's warm, so I had a hard time waking up this morning.  The a/c did leak a little more last night, but didnt' go any farther than all the rags I left on the floor.  Sometimes that has gone all the way across the basement floor and under the outside wall.  So you can see why I don't like this!  Tomorrow, the heating and air repairman said he would come over.  Now this guy is really good, and he calls and shows up when he says he will!  It's great to find someone to rely on when Terry is gone so much!

Ok, there was a guild meeting in Norris tonight.  Didn't go.  Had a headache that started around 2:30.  I don't usually get these, so I figure it's the heat and humidity getting to me.  I did make a dessert for that (the meeting, not the headache) I may just bring that to bee!  It's the dessert that is like an eclair in a bowl!   Soooooo goooooood.  If you make it with sugar free pudding, low fat cool whip, low fat gram crackers, and the low sugar frosting....YEA!  It's still good enough to eat the whole bowl and not feel guilty!!!! 

Now I don't put up recipes, so you have ask if you want that one posted....

"Drive like you stole it!"  Quilt that way too!  Patty

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Remember the fun I was going to have this morning....?  Well the weeds were laughing at me, so I went out and ripped them out!  Before....

And after!  Nasty things.  How can they grow so well when so many of the nice plants are crapping out.  I hate gardening.  When the guy came to landscape the house (which I had already tried for 5 or 6 years and everything had died), he asked what I wanted in a garden.  Lots of texture, color, and I only want to do 2 hours of gardening a year.  Ok, he did pretty good with the plants.  But you still have to weed and mulch.  And remove the dead plants...   I was dripping with sweat this morning.  It's like Louisiana out there!

I did see this thing with pots on a rebar.  Very cool.  You need the rebar into the dirt for support.  4 pots and dirt and plants...

Ta-da!  Isn't that cute?!  It's so easy to do.   Just make sure the first one is tipped and has a rock under the one side.

This is just outside my sewing room window so I can enjoy the flowers, color, and see when it needs watering.....and when to replace the dead flowers. 

This is another part of the front garden.  That plant in the middle didn't stand a chance in the heat when we were in England. 

And a couple more that are crapping out.  what can I say.  I need to find other plants that are interesting to look at, and are super hardy.

I hate electrical things today.  The computer, or comcast have been bugged up for a few days.  Tonight the a/c started leaking in the basement.  The dehumidifer was dying so Terry changed it out and the new one leaked the first night.... so I'm trying to get the old one to keep going.... called the a/c guy and he may be able to fit us in tomorrow afternoon. 

And then the tv locked up.  WHAT IS GOING ON?.... So I think it's time to hand quilt.  I just don't want anything else to mess up around here.  I know heat and humidity are driving everything crazy.  But just don't let anything else break....

Is it Thursday yet?  I need bee! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi!  No pictures today, but I can put up the long list of stuff I got done today....boring!  I did get some quilting in!  About time!  And it feels so good to sit there stitching and holding the fabrics.  Too hot outside to get the flower pots up.  I did get the rebar piece that I needed to put them on.  I'll do that tomorrow morning before it gets too hot. 

Tuesdays is usually my day to stay home and just work.  And I mean on fun stuff.  But there's always something lately.  Have a dr's appointment at 2:50.  Have to set an alarm clock so I don't get involved in a project and just space right through that time!  I think I'll treat myself to starting something new since I have done everything for everyone else for the last 6 weeks!  Been finding out that stress is making me sick.  I'm "off"....well, more than usual.  So it's time to play and enjoy something for at least half a day.

So?   Do I start a new piece of clothing?  Too hot... or a different technique?  maybe.... I have plenty of ideas for quilts and wall hangings.  Need to get something into a small bag to have as a take along project.  Didn't ahve anything ready to grab to hop on the plane when we went to England.  So didn't get to sew for those 2 weeks.

I did get lots of new pretty fabrics up at my sister's.  It's all prewashed!  So I can pull out colors and just see what "hits" me.  Love that!  Do have the one on the design wall that has stalled out.  Need to do something drastic to that one to get it on the move.  And I do have the 2 challenges to work on.  The green one did get moving again!  Like what's happening to that one. 

I also want to get out the sheep and figure out what I'm going to quilt in that one.  Maybe just quilt in the sheep into the background with different colored thread!  Cute!  Then the black sheep will be in there! 

So keep quilting everyone!  It's my form of sanity.  Whether for income or an outcome, you end up with something worth hugging!  Patty

Sunday, July 22, 2012

See the flower pots?  I got 3 today, and thought I could just put them together with all that I have around here.  But I need to go get the rebar that would hold them up.  Cute Idea!!!

I'm working on this one now.  Almost done, so I should take another picture.  I'm ready for a nap though!  It's almost 4pm....

I keep thinking about this one.  It's by Nadia from Tunisia...I think I spelled that right.  She blogs.  Got to   Love her stuff!!!  She did the pens in candlewicked knots!  The right side is in English.  the left side in Airabic...which is written right to left.  Very  clever! 

I don't seem to be able to get going today on work.  I did go out and picked up a few things, and forgot other things.  Even with lists, I just can't focus on 20 things at one time like I used to.    Always tomorrow to try again! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Next one that is basted and put into the frame!  Very old top that a customer brought to me to quilt.  Most fabrics are from the 30's.  A friend who knows about dating fabrics, said that the pink in some blocks is from the 40's and one other fabric is from the 50's.  So this may have been started in the 30's, but it had to have been finished in the 50's.  I love finding out about things like this when someone brings a quilt top to me.  The history of it can be figured out a little.  But you need to put a tag on the quilt.

Signing your quilts is important for a couple of reasons.  Letting the future know who made it and any reasons why you made it.  I don't always put a date on the label but I do keep records of everything I work on....(which I will have to update this weekend....).  I also put on the size of the quilt.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to remeasure quilts for all kinds of reasons.  It's a waste of time when you can just put it on the label. 

Put your full name, address, and current phone number!!!!  Quilts do get misplaced, lost and stolen.  This can only help get those precious things back to you!!!!!  There is a site for lost quilts with hundreds listed that are gone.  So many times it's when there has been a move, or it was dropped... just an accident.  But other times, stolen.  Sometimes they think that the theft actually used the quilt to haul away electronic stuff.  The theft didn't even know anything about quilts. 

Handing down quilts through generations, well, names get lost  or mistaken.  It's nice to remember who actually made the quilts.  I do ask if I can put labels on quilts for customers and put down any information they want.  Including my name as the quilter.  I'm not trying to brag with it there, but it is nice to be known as someone who worked on that piece.  

I love putting the dates on wedding quilts.  The "groom" can check the quilt to see when his anniversary will be! 

Which, by the way, do you know the absolute best day to get married on?  Think about it... the groom's birthday!  He'll remember that!  Or he won't get a birthday present or an anniversary present.

I'm feeling better after being home over a week.  Starting to feel way more normal.  Saw a cartoon that had a little girl ask her mother "What is normal?"   The mom says, "It's just a setting on the washer."  Too True!

So keep quilting and laugh with your friends.  Spent the day with Shirley.  Driving Miss Shirley!  Her hubby, James, can't drive anymore and she never learned how to drive.  So I had fun with Shirley driving her around to different stores.  She's one of my best friends.  When my Mom died in 2000, she took me under her wing.  She "adopted" me.  Love that.  So I have someone else to call Mom.  She's down to earth and a real hoot to be around.  Find people that make you laugh.  That makes all the crap worth it.!  Patty 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ok, now you can see the finished piece!  I love the colors!  When I start working on a new piece, I pull out the fabrics that I have.  If I run out, then I have to use something else.  I don't go around hunting down fabrics.  That is a lot of time and gas used up.  So I buy fabrics when I see them.  The questions is always, how much do you get?  Well, if you like it a lot, buy a lot.  If you only sort of like it, buy less.  I don't usually get fat quarters.  I like to get at least 1 yard.  If I like it, then 3 yards.  If it's (cheap) reasonably priced, then 5 or 6 yards.  You have backing then. 

Here's a couple of close ups of the hand quilting.  I did different designs all over this piece.

Mostly drew around circles to make up designs.  Need to be different!

When I start a quilt and have pulled out all color coordinating fabrics, it's so easy to make 2 or 3 tops out of the same fabrics.  You'll have plenty there.  If the colors are exciting, go with it!  When you run out, add another color or two... yellow is supposed to be a "transitional" color.  I think it adds the sparkle or pop.  You don't need much yellow because your eye will go right for it!  Though I have seem quilts where that is the predominate color, and it's BRIGHT!  Yea!  Go for it. 

I make quilts for fun and enjoyment.  I tried to make them to "win" ribbons and shows.  I actually do better with the ones that I have fun making!  If I don't win, who really cares!  I do want people to see that I'm still hand quilting.  It is my business.  If I do win, it really is a thrill for me.  I love seeing a ribbon on my quilt and stand near it to hear the comments.  So watch what you say at a show!  Other quilters do that too. 

It takes alot of time and energy to make every quilt.  You may not like their colors or design, but the makers did.  And every quilt can be cuddled or hung on the wall and enjoyed.  I wish the quilters wouldn't be so quick to point out their "mistakes" or what they don't like about their own work.  Honestly, if you don't point that out, no one will notice!  My father in law used to say, "From a galloping horse, no one will see it." 

A good quilt in a show will have the "Double Wow" effect.  The first one is when you see it across the room and you go WOW!....and it draws you over to it.  Then you have your nose a few inches away from it and you go the design from a distance, and the detail up close.  A lot of quilts don't photograph well... so either get someone who knows how to do that, and listen to what they do.  Or hire someone who has experience photographing quilts.  Lighting needs to come from an angle to highlight the stitching.  A flash can "wash out" the quilting and make it look flat.

Ok!  There's several hints about quilting for you!  I'm getting back into quilting mode.  Need to get ready to leave the house.  There is a estate sale downtown that I want to check out! 
Patty (It's 7:55am....still can't fix that damned clock.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beautiful hanging pots in Lancaster!  This was really huge!

The cobblestones are still there from medival times!  Very hard to walk on.  Rounded tops makes your foot slip off.

This is Martin driving Terry in Ian's car.  Terry is not driving.  Remember the driver is on the right side of the car and they drive on the left side of the road!  I didn't get used to it at all this time.

This is Terry walking into Lancaster University building.  The puter really didn't want to transfer pictures tonight.  It's been acting up with all the storms we've had around here.  You'd think it was May instead of July! 

Lots done today, but nothing worth going on about.  I did go to the used bookstore!  Love that place!  Got 4 quilting books.  Just can't have too many of those! 

Pulled weeds out of the back garden close to the house.  With it so wet after the rains, the weeds came right out!  Now have a pile of crap down there.... Errands lining up for the next few days.  Did get some quilting done today.  Still not feeling too creative after all that has gone on.  I think I'm in here out of habit.  Don't have the drive like I used to.  Hope I find it soon....

Anyways, y'all keep having fun!  Life really is too short.  Need to get the wind back in my sails soon!  Patty

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flowers that Enid got, and she's in the background. 

Even ceilings are decorated in England!  I love this one.

Enid is holding up some of the woodworking that Eddy makes.  This is in his workshop.

Eddy and Elsie had us over for tea!   A true English tea! 

This is Lancaster.  Terry showed me around the last day we were over there.  That's the castle on the top of the hill.

This was a murial that was in a mall over there.   I love the dog and the sheep.

This is at the Lancaster University.  Terry went there.  So we went so he could show me around.

Ok, alittle out of order.  The computor was having troubles down loading my pictures today.  This is more of the mural.

The Castle in Lancaster.  Terry had never walked up the hill to go see it.

It's now a prison.!  Seems  aproprate!  No one will be able to leave.  Wonder if the dungeon is still being used?

There should have been about 10 more pictures.  I'll down load more tomorrow.  The weather is thunder and lighting  today, so it's been picky today. 

I liked going around the university with Terry.  He was showing me where he had lived and gone to classes.  Now I'll have a picture in my head when he talks about it. 

He's back on the rig.  I have a ton of things to get done the next 2 weeks.  Today I cleaned.... it needed it badly.  After being gone for 4 weeks, and probably didn't clean it before I left... I had to clean.  And there was water in the basement from the dehumidifier.  The new was leaking from the left, and the drain in on the right.  So quilting had to wait alittle longer. 

There are some things that you put off because you don't really want to know or do.  So I have to get to a couple of those.  I'll let you know if anything important comes about from that. 

Tomorrow, the chiropractor.  Love it.  Then thursday is BEE!  Need to get back to normal. 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

This was at the Railroad museum in York.  Very interesting.  I'm not a train person, but I love seeing the old trains and how they were designed.  The art work and decor was great.

Here's in the engine.  Lots of copper that had been beaten into submission.....

Then the old signs were great!  Define "nusiance".  Kind of leaves it wide open, doesn't it!

In the sleeping cars there were the Durham quilts!  All done by hand!  Can you imagine!  I love it.

Here's the side of the post car. 

Lots of engines!

Front of the English royal engine.  Leslie told me that the Scot's engine had the lion and the unicorn on opposite sides.

I love the old posters for travel!  Check out the cool cat in this one!

The women's clothing is great.

Leslie and Terry

I think this was one of the oldest ones in there.

Terry spent more time in there.  He went around the workshop used to repair trains.  He said that part was really interesting.  The museum opened at 10am.  It would be really easy to spend the whole day there.  We spent a couple of hours and didn't get to see about half. 

So York really is a place you can spend several days wondering around and going through different places.  I want the book about the Snickleways of York to go find all those little alley ways.  Can you imagine living there before electricty, cars and running water?  Horses and sheep everywhere... I can picture it...

Well I got the blue quilt done.   That goes to the next quilt guild meeting that is tomorrow night in Oak Ridge.  I have missed so much around here having been out of town for 4 weeks.  I need all my quilting buddies! 

Haven't quite prewashed all my new fabric yet!  Still have the yellow/browns, and the pinks/reds to do.  2 loads aught to do it.... Got a few more things to finish up, then I'm going to start something new.  Just need to be creative to feel like I'm home!!!

So?  What have you been up to?  Start anything new or finish anything?  Keep going.  Don't stop!  If anything has hit me lately, life is short so make all the quilts you can!  They will be around alot longer than we will.  That's my legacy. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

York!  It's a wonderful place with very long history!  It's the third most visited city in Europe...after Paris and London.  With the Olympics coming up, there were converstations in languages that I didn't know, all around us!  I love this part of the bridge!  Looks like a Harry Potter building!  Well, most of these do anyways!

There's Terry looking over the river, and Leslie walking towards him.  The other side of the river is another tower to protect the castle from intruders on the water.

Another gate on the bridge.  Just love the details.

On top of some parts are statues to scare the intruders.  Still there after centuries.

Another main gate through the wall.  Some were added to make it easier for the roads for cars.

Love the stairs up to the top of the walls.

We took the bus around the city.  When you buy a ticket, it's good for 24 hours.  So you can get on and off when you want to see things.  They told alot of the history about the city when you were on that.  There was a quilt museum!  So Leslie and I went to that.  No pictures were allowed inside.  But if you go to facebook and find Leslie's pictures of York, she has one there.  The quilts were through the guild in Europe.  They had 2 quilt from each country.  Great display of techniques and designs!  Another room had beach scenes, each one was about 10" wide and 36" long.!  Very cool way for a challenge to go.  The 3rd room had all miniatures.  Extrodinary!!!!!!  I did get the book that had the main show quilts in it.  And another book called "Push Stitchery".  Need to get a picture up for that tomorrow.  Very cool stuff being made up with fibre.  (Oops the English spelling is there....)

Some more of the castle wall.  It still goes all the way around the city.  You can walk all (or most) of it.  We looked at real estate prices in one window....forget it.  They want a queen's ransome to own over there!

Here's another main gate from the inside of the wall....

Another bridge section.

The art museum is on the very left.  Then you go around more of the wall to get into the town.

This is an orginal building still there.  They were having a wedding behind it.

Ah, in the park, we ate lunch...and the ducks know about that....

This is ontop of the bus riding around.  And yes, they are on the correct side of the road for over there.  Not very wide roads!

Mmmm?  I think I put this one up twice.

Better shot down the river.  Love the lamps!  Every thing is a piece of art.  Not just a plain lamp, but crafted!

This is the last part of the main castle in York. 

And this is the back of one building.  The small part sticking out on the second story it the toilet....ok, things were gross back then.  No sewer lines.  It dumped on the streets. 

York was alot of fun to walk around.  Not so big that you couldn't walk around it or through it.  Another friend told us about a book of the "Snickleways of York".  Those are the little alley ways that are "hiding" through out the city!  I want to get that book for the next time we go there!

Terry wanted to get the traditional steak and kidney pie for a meal while in England.  Would think we could be able to find that...but there was chinese food, Italian, Thai, burgers, Greece....and NO English food!!!  Drat.  So we found a Hilton and asked at the front desk....he didn't have any idea.  Then a waiter from their resturant was just leaving and we asked him.  Down by the river were pubs!  Off we went... It was packed with people that had to have been drinking all day.  It was just before 5pm.  So they had steak and ale pie!  Close enough.  Leslie and Terry each got that and I got a sandwich.  Good food!  And a show....there were some people there that were so drunk, the security guys were trying to get them out.  Including one woman who was passing out at the booth.  Now we had never seen security guards at bars, but apparently, the bars in York get extremely rowdy!!!  So we didn't stay out after dark! 

Next day we went to the railroad museum.  Pictures of that tomorrow.  I have been working on the blue quilt with all the circles.  Almost have the binding on it.  I think it needs alittle more quilting in some spots.  Just looks alittle lacking.  I was gone a month and need to remember where I left off on things.

I did come back to a collection agent notice!  Do you believe it?!!!  For CPAP equipement that I didn't even get!  When I got the equipment, April 2... they don't tell you how much you owe because they file with the insurance company.  They I got the bill for how much I owed, and it was for different pieces of equipment.... so I went to the local office and questioned it.  She was supposedly fixing this.... I was gone for 2 weeks to my sister's and came zooming home to go to England for the funeral, and there's a notice that it needs to be paid or it would go to the agency....ok, I stopped in the local office again, and she said they were working on it and don't pay it.  Fine.  Come back from 2 weeks of paperwork and a funeral and there's the collection agency's paper!  For the pieces that I didn't even get! 

Phone calls to the collection agency...disputing the charges.  phone call to the billing in Atlanta, what is going on?   They didn't have anything down about the wrong billing.  I paid for one piece even though I don't think it was correct.  All this for $55.10?  I'm so pissed off about computers and the lack of talent for the operators.  It's as if they put my name on someone else's list of stuff.  Some of the things I don't even use.  So I'm not paying for those. 

We also had trouble with the Visa card people....but I'll leave that rant for another day.  My card is cut up already, and Terry's soon will be!!!!!

We are planning on going to England next year to see Enid and make sure she's doing ok.  We met so many relatives that were only names before.  I love it over there!!! Leslie lives up in Scotland, so I want to go see her again!  Love to travel.  Next time I'll have hand work to carry with me!  I didn't quilt for 2 weeks!!!!  And Enid doesn't watch tv, so I didn't see too much of that!  I lived, but I'm happy to be back in my sewing room that is overflowing with new fabric from the trip to my sister's.  And loads of projects all trying to get into the work space! 

Keep quilting!!!  Patty