Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, June 4, 2012

No pictures for a couple of days.  It's not that I haven't been working but it'll all look the same.  Quilting on the next one for hours.  Then worked on the one with the names of people who took my class.  That stalled for a little while, but I got an idea for it.  It was starting to look too dark, so I'm adding in a thin yellow in the sashing.  Not sure I like it yet.  But it's brighter. 

2/3 done on the blue one with circles.  Would love to have that done and off the work table.  If I put it away, then it'll be a very long time before it gets worked on again!  Out of sight, out of mind.  Or at least I realize that's how I there is always stuff out and about.  And I get to work on what's within reach.  I have about 7 projects sitting here.  I feel like they are all screaming at me to work on each one.  Probably why I get so much done! 

Guild meeting in Knoxville on tuesday night.  Will bring the postage stamp one to show and tell.  Been making piles of what to bring to different places.  I don't file, I pile.  Drives my hubby crazy, but it works for me!  I can you file quilts?  I have a great way to store quilts.....but I still can't go in and just put my hand on the one I want.  Must be a better way to organize so it doesn't take a long time to find things. 

At the start of the year, I was going to photograph all my quilts.  Yea, right.  Got through one huge rubbermaid box in January, and never got back in there.  It's June....where did those other months go?  I want to get a website up and running and sell off some quilts.  I have over 100 something back there.  No wonder I can't find anything.   Is anyone really interested in buying quilts?  Mostly wall hangings. Or is this just another hopeful thing I think that will work?  I have tried several different venues for selling quilts.  Having them in a shop did work, but the theft was getting out of hand!  Yes people do steal little things, and they did try to switch tags to get a larger piece at a lower price.  That was stopped.  So I don't want to give up control on the quilts.  I put way too much time in them to have a large wall hanging go for $40.....

Too early in the day for a rant!  It's 7am.  Still can't the clock to change.  I just am not computer litterate!  I'm getting better and the fear of this thing is less.  But I am stuck when it comes to the odd thing to change or do when Terry isn't around!  He goes in here and finds ways to do things.  I usually am behind him and wonder where it's all hiding in the machine!  Funny how all these companies want you to bank on line, or stay in touch on line.  But if something goes wrong with the putor and Terry's not here to fix it....I'm stuck!  So this blog is a very big deal for me. 

Got to go and get my day started.  I work out at a gym several mornings a week.  Have to, or I would be so bent out of shape!  Then to the food store.  Vissious cycle.  Work out, eat, work....  but it's what I like to do.  Throw in bee and several guild meetings and I'm in heaven. 

Keep quilting!  Turn up the music and let it go!  Patty

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