Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jane Dunham finished this quilt!  Only took 5 years.  The top was from her hubby's side of the family.  They gave her 14 tops.  She had to take this apart and reconstruct it because it didn't lie flat.  DID A WONDERFUL JOB!

These quilts were all in show and tell last night at the guild meeting.  I didn't get everyone's name.  People hold up the quilts and next thing you know they are gone!  (Now my camera and computor sometimes don't talk well to each other.  so there is that line at the bottom.  Only they know why.)  There was a new young lady there at the meeting, and she's making this quilt!  Great job so far!

This Christmas quilt is almost done!  Needs the binding sewn down.  She'll be ready for the holidays!

The SAQA representative was there speaking last night.  Nysha was his name.... he said if you think of New York State Housing Authority, you will remember how to spell his name!  He showed us his machine stitching.  Practice with a new kind of thread and style.   Backside and .....

....front side.  Two different fabrics to see how the colors show up.

And another practice piece....

Then this is from Tone's mom.  She pieces the tops and sends them to Tone.  She gets them machine quilted for her, then Tone puts the binding on.  You never know what her mom is going to do with the colors!

Lucy Bobb did a dragon!  Love it!  I have the other one that she made.  Its a dragon sitting in a tea cup!  Wonderful! 

And Terry got home last night after guild meeting.  His plane was late.  Seems Delta could use some new planes!  This one had something break in the cockpit on the way to Atlanta.  Last time he was coming home, they couldn't get the plane started!!!  Geeze.  Well they do fly planes older than most cars!  There he is mowing the lawn and that's a thatch catcher on the back.  Now I personally don't care if there is thatch in the grass.... but if it bugs him, then go for it.

I got a free massage yesterday!  It was heavenly!  They teach massaging at the community college.  The students have to do 60 hours of massaging in the next 8 weeks to work towards getting their licence.  Since they aren't licenced yet, they are not allowed to charge or even accept tips.  So if you want to get free massages, find out where they teach it, and ask if they need to practice.  Sometimes it's difficult for them to find that many people to work on towards the end.  I felt so good yesterday, I really didn't do much.  I went and got a mocha frappe at Books A Million, then came home and sat in the sun on the deck!  Just a big old grin on my face and no aches or pains for a whole day!!!!

My sister does massages.  So when I'm up there, she always gives me a rubdown.  Sweet.  Sisters are great!  The car is ready to go.  I'm almost packed.  So when I don't write much for a couple of weeks...well, it's my time off.  I'll be back with stories and fabric!  There is a shop in Maine that we always go to.  Fabric is about $4.5 a yard!  Yes!  I get all that I can stuff into my little car.  (Adds balance.)  She feeds me well too!  Lobster is in season up there.  She also got leg of lamb.  You can't wonder why I love driving up to her place!

Let's see, there's bee tomorrow!  A few more things this week.  Then I'm off.  I always come home.  Home is where your fabric stash is!

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