Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Can you see the raindrops on the leaf tips?  Sparkles outside my sewing room window!  That's a Japaness Maple tree that is really growing this year.

And it's the first year for flowers on this one!!!  Great!  The more I leave them alone the better they do!

I'm getting more done to this one.  All the names of who was in the class I taught.  Still in progress.  No hurry on this one.

This is the lastest one being quilted for a customer.  It's really turning out cute!  Love the gentle fabrics.

This brings me to the next subject.  Fabrics that on the market now.  Not sure I care for all of them.  I have been blog surfing alot lately, and it seems that most of these quilters are using prepackaged fat quarters from certain companies.  Are they getting them for free to use and then other people are going to run out and get them?  Or are they really into those colors?  Not what I call the best.  They are different, which I think some people just want the "next" thing to come out. 

I have been collecting fabrics since the early 70's.  Colors come and go.  I always got what I liked, not the next color to come out.  It makes it easy to date a quilt and figure out when it might have been made.  Oh, I guess, if I was given fabrics and had been issued a challenge, I would do something.  But the colors that are coming out are not very bright.  Reminds me of the old Tupperware colors for the kitchens in the 60's.  And I'm over those.  Burnt orange (tangerine), olive green, dark brown, and the lemon yellow.  I sold tupperware for 4 1/2 years.  Replaced alot of the brown stuff.  It kept cracking and falling apart. 

Anyways.  I don't have any of those colors in my house... so I'm not going to run and get them if they don't work into my pallet of fabrics I have now.  I will have to learn how to put links on the side of my blog so you can go see these other blogs.  I love seeing ones from other countries.  Pictures of the landscapes are wonderful.  I don't do recipes.... unless
1.  Open wrapper
2.  eat chocolate
Does that count as a recipe? 

Or call for pizza...

Food is a neccessary evil.  My parents had ski lodges in Vermont when I was a kid.  Guess who had to work in the kitchen most of her younger years.  Yuck.  Dishing up food doesn't make you want to go and try cooking for fun.  I cook basic foods.  My family didn't starve.  But they never heard me say "just try it."  They knew what they were getting and I fixed what we all liked.  

Mom was on my case once about introducing Mike to new foods every week...well, I don't know how to fix them, so it would have been terrible to give him something that was fixed poorly.  He's never eat it again.  So he can go discover foods by himself.  I love to eat!  And I do try eating new things.  But someone else has to fix it, properly! 

Now, go cut some fabric up!  Nuff said! 

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