Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, June 25, 2012

You just never know what will pop up in your life.  I was at my sister's in NH when I got the call.  Terry's Dad, Ken, died last Thursday.  Terrible news and neither of us were home.  After getting hold of Terry, we started to regroup and will head to the funeral.  I will be gone for a while longer. 

Hug all the people you love.  You just can't tell what will happen next.  Thanks to everyone for all the warm thoughts.  I will be back.  I just will be a minute.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I out to the 4th edge!  got 6 blocks left and 2 corners.... Never enough time to quilt!

Sheep are basted.  Although I haven't marked this one at all....I'll just "wing it" as I go along.  The only trouble with that way, is you usually come up with something really fun to quilt when you have more than half of it done!

I have another one all packed, ready to drag on vacation.  It's the one that has been going to bee for weeks.  Figured that one is ready to go.  Tomorrow I see what all fits into my little car!  Put air in the tires and gas in the tank!  Monday, I'm out of here!

Still not sure if I'll get to blog while I'm away.  Not taking the putor with me.  Just not something that I'm used to dragging along.  It's time to read and relax.  I do fabric shop alot...and I know what you are thinking.  How will I get more stuff in the car on my trip.  It's called UPS.  They deliver!  And you throw out your dirty laundry. 

So you all keep quilting and I want to hear all your stories when I get back!  Patty

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Long day!  Laundry, run to Walmart, home, got my hair cut, got a Subway to take to bee.  Extra time so over to Michael's craft shop....always fun to look around...then to bee.  Lots of laughs with my  bee-buddies.  Home and working.  Snack, more working.  Dinner, then a 2 hour nap on the couch.  Cleaned up the kitchen.  Now I'm ready to go to bed! 

Running around on the calendar for tomorrow.  Car to go into the shop, food shopping, working out at gym... some days are just not set up for much sewing.  I'm just keeping up somedays!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jane Dunham finished this quilt!  Only took 5 years.  The top was from her hubby's side of the family.  They gave her 14 tops.  She had to take this apart and reconstruct it because it didn't lie flat.  DID A WONDERFUL JOB!

These quilts were all in show and tell last night at the guild meeting.  I didn't get everyone's name.  People hold up the quilts and next thing you know they are gone!  (Now my camera and computor sometimes don't talk well to each other.  so there is that line at the bottom.  Only they know why.)  There was a new young lady there at the meeting, and she's making this quilt!  Great job so far!

This Christmas quilt is almost done!  Needs the binding sewn down.  She'll be ready for the holidays!

The SAQA representative was there speaking last night.  Nysha was his name.... he said if you think of New York State Housing Authority, you will remember how to spell his name!  He showed us his machine stitching.  Practice with a new kind of thread and style.   Backside and .....

....front side.  Two different fabrics to see how the colors show up.

And another practice piece....

Then this is from Tone's mom.  She pieces the tops and sends them to Tone.  She gets them machine quilted for her, then Tone puts the binding on.  You never know what her mom is going to do with the colors!

Lucy Bobb did a dragon!  Love it!  I have the other one that she made.  Its a dragon sitting in a tea cup!  Wonderful! 

And Terry got home last night after guild meeting.  His plane was late.  Seems Delta could use some new planes!  This one had something break in the cockpit on the way to Atlanta.  Last time he was coming home, they couldn't get the plane started!!!  Geeze.  Well they do fly planes older than most cars!  There he is mowing the lawn and that's a thatch catcher on the back.  Now I personally don't care if there is thatch in the grass.... but if it bugs him, then go for it.

I got a free massage yesterday!  It was heavenly!  They teach massaging at the community college.  The students have to do 60 hours of massaging in the next 8 weeks to work towards getting their licence.  Since they aren't licenced yet, they are not allowed to charge or even accept tips.  So if you want to get free massages, find out where they teach it, and ask if they need to practice.  Sometimes it's difficult for them to find that many people to work on towards the end.  I felt so good yesterday, I really didn't do much.  I went and got a mocha frappe at Books A Million, then came home and sat in the sun on the deck!  Just a big old grin on my face and no aches or pains for a whole day!!!!

My sister does massages.  So when I'm up there, she always gives me a rubdown.  Sweet.  Sisters are great!  The car is ready to go.  I'm almost packed.  So when I don't write much for a couple of weeks...well, it's my time off.  I'll be back with stories and fabric!  There is a shop in Maine that we always go to.  Fabric is about $4.5 a yard!  Yes!  I get all that I can stuff into my little car.  (Adds balance.)  She feeds me well too!  Lobster is in season up there.  She also got leg of lamb.  You can't wonder why I love driving up to her place!

Let's see, there's bee tomorrow!  A few more things this week.  Then I'm off.  I always come home.  Home is where your fabric stash is!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Can you see the raindrops on the leaf tips?  Sparkles outside my sewing room window!  That's a Japaness Maple tree that is really growing this year.

And it's the first year for flowers on this one!!!  Great!  The more I leave them alone the better they do!

I'm getting more done to this one.  All the names of who was in the class I taught.  Still in progress.  No hurry on this one.

This is the lastest one being quilted for a customer.  It's really turning out cute!  Love the gentle fabrics.

This brings me to the next subject.  Fabrics that on the market now.  Not sure I care for all of them.  I have been blog surfing alot lately, and it seems that most of these quilters are using prepackaged fat quarters from certain companies.  Are they getting them for free to use and then other people are going to run out and get them?  Or are they really into those colors?  Not what I call the best.  They are different, which I think some people just want the "next" thing to come out. 

I have been collecting fabrics since the early 70's.  Colors come and go.  I always got what I liked, not the next color to come out.  It makes it easy to date a quilt and figure out when it might have been made.  Oh, I guess, if I was given fabrics and had been issued a challenge, I would do something.  But the colors that are coming out are not very bright.  Reminds me of the old Tupperware colors for the kitchens in the 60's.  And I'm over those.  Burnt orange (tangerine), olive green, dark brown, and the lemon yellow.  I sold tupperware for 4 1/2 years.  Replaced alot of the brown stuff.  It kept cracking and falling apart. 

Anyways.  I don't have any of those colors in my house... so I'm not going to run and get them if they don't work into my pallet of fabrics I have now.  I will have to learn how to put links on the side of my blog so you can go see these other blogs.  I love seeing ones from other countries.  Pictures of the landscapes are wonderful.  I don't do recipes.... unless
1.  Open wrapper
2.  eat chocolate
Does that count as a recipe? 

Or call for pizza...

Food is a neccessary evil.  My parents had ski lodges in Vermont when I was a kid.  Guess who had to work in the kitchen most of her younger years.  Yuck.  Dishing up food doesn't make you want to go and try cooking for fun.  I cook basic foods.  My family didn't starve.  But they never heard me say "just try it."  They knew what they were getting and I fixed what we all liked.  

Mom was on my case once about introducing Mike to new foods every week...well, I don't know how to fix them, so it would have been terrible to give him something that was fixed poorly.  He's never eat it again.  So he can go discover foods by himself.  I love to eat!  And I do try eating new things.  But someone else has to fix it, properly! 

Now, go cut some fabric up!  Nuff said! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

No pictures for a couple of days.  It's not that I haven't been working but it'll all look the same.  Quilting on the next one for hours.  Then worked on the one with the names of people who took my class.  That stalled for a little while, but I got an idea for it.  It was starting to look too dark, so I'm adding in a thin yellow in the sashing.  Not sure I like it yet.  But it's brighter. 

2/3 done on the blue one with circles.  Would love to have that done and off the work table.  If I put it away, then it'll be a very long time before it gets worked on again!  Out of sight, out of mind.  Or at least I realize that's how I there is always stuff out and about.  And I get to work on what's within reach.  I have about 7 projects sitting here.  I feel like they are all screaming at me to work on each one.  Probably why I get so much done! 

Guild meeting in Knoxville on tuesday night.  Will bring the postage stamp one to show and tell.  Been making piles of what to bring to different places.  I don't file, I pile.  Drives my hubby crazy, but it works for me!  I can you file quilts?  I have a great way to store quilts.....but I still can't go in and just put my hand on the one I want.  Must be a better way to organize so it doesn't take a long time to find things. 

At the start of the year, I was going to photograph all my quilts.  Yea, right.  Got through one huge rubbermaid box in January, and never got back in there.  It's June....where did those other months go?  I want to get a website up and running and sell off some quilts.  I have over 100 something back there.  No wonder I can't find anything.   Is anyone really interested in buying quilts?  Mostly wall hangings. Or is this just another hopeful thing I think that will work?  I have tried several different venues for selling quilts.  Having them in a shop did work, but the theft was getting out of hand!  Yes people do steal little things, and they did try to switch tags to get a larger piece at a lower price.  That was stopped.  So I don't want to give up control on the quilts.  I put way too much time in them to have a large wall hanging go for $40.....

Too early in the day for a rant!  It's 7am.  Still can't the clock to change.  I just am not computer litterate!  I'm getting better and the fear of this thing is less.  But I am stuck when it comes to the odd thing to change or do when Terry isn't around!  He goes in here and finds ways to do things.  I usually am behind him and wonder where it's all hiding in the machine!  Funny how all these companies want you to bank on line, or stay in touch on line.  But if something goes wrong with the putor and Terry's not here to fix it....I'm stuck!  So this blog is a very big deal for me. 

Got to go and get my day started.  I work out at a gym several mornings a week.  Have to, or I would be so bent out of shape!  Then to the food store.  Vissious cycle.  Work out, eat, work....  but it's what I like to do.  Throw in bee and several guild meetings and I'm in heaven. 

Keep quilting!  Turn up the music and let it go!  Patty

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Gardinia is actually getting flowers on it this year!  Amazing....

This is what most of my stuff usually ends up looking like.... house plants do much better.

This is my dragon from Laura Wazalaski's class!  I do love dragons.  This is going into the "Itty Bitty Quilt Show" in the Appalachian Arts and Craft Shop in Norris.  That's in July.  Also on July 4th for one day ONLY, a quilt show up in Norris.  Worth going to see that and all the activities that go on during the 4th of July there.

This is the next quilt for me to work on for customer.  I got it all pieced, marked, and basted.  Now.... ready....set....GO!  And I'll start quilting it tonight or tomorrow.  It was a panel that I cut up and pieced together with other blocks.  It is a pattern in a magazine.  Pretty easy.  And I love the content. 

It was 55 out this morning!  After 3 or 4 days of 90 something heat, it was a wonderful feeling to head out and not feel like you walked into a sauna.  I am doing the weekend stuff around here and the end of the month stuff... you know, change air filters, water filters, water plants, clean bathrooms and other stuff.  Just not a fun list of things, but very neccessary.  And there's no one else around to get them done! 

Went to breakfast with my friend Brenda.  We tried out a new place to us, called the Plaid Apron.  What great food!  All locally grown things, so their menu will change depending on what they can get.  It was delious!  Then we walked around and enjoyed the cool air and the beautiful gardens.  Went to a couple of shops and then headed home.  We always catch up on what has happened in the last month (or so) and have been friends for over 30 years!  Always make time to be with friends!  It is reguvenating!  Easy to laugh.  I love it. 

The guild meeting is tuesday night.  Look forward to show and tell!  Need to figure out what to bring!  Patty