Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whoa!  What's today?... Lost track of time and the days went past without me realizing it!  Happens when I get into projects!  Quilting  on this next one for a customer.  It's the postage stamp/Irish chain, and you have to really watch where you stop and start so you don't miss lines of quilting in it. 

Then I was working on my 2 challenges.  One is for SMQ due in November, and the other is due the end of the year.... I'm not exactly sure what they will end up looking like.  Just keep adding and subtracting things.  Like the way they are going, but they are time consumming also. 

Terry got home late last night, so there's 2 weeks of events and house projects coming up.  The class I was going to teach about curved piecing in a vest fell short, so that's off the calendar.  Ok, we'll try again in the fall. 

There will be an auction in the neighborhood on the 19th....I expect a large crowd around here then.  So do we leave to get out of it, or do I have a yardsale and take advantage of the crowd already going to show up?  I really don't like to do yardsales.  I love going to them.  I just don't want a bunch of people parking on the edge of the lawn after over a year of trying to get grass to actually grow!  Easy decision is to leave and go have some fun driving, and come back later....

I haven't had any luck trying to find the panel of the women in the bathing suits.  Loralie Designs, Fashion Beach #5531.  It's so cute, I can see why they have sold out.  Trying individual shops now.  Haven't heard back from Mary Jo's over in NC.  There's a shop worth driving to!!!  Haven't been there in a few years.  When I was there last time, I started asking the women in there, where are you from?  All over the place!  Every state, Africa, Europe, Canada, and a few other places.  It was amazing.  If you are ever, ever over that way, exit 21, just go.  Check them out online too. 

Well time to thread up more needles and go!  Bee tomorrow!  Patty

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