Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What a day!  I overslept alittle bit.  Not a big deal, but you feel like you are being rushed all day.  Went and worked out.  Came home to bump into Terry at the door while he's leaving to run an errand.  Should have taken a little over an hour, and it took way longer than that.  But I got this quilt top assembled while waiting.

Cute!  The cut up panel went together very well.  Has 2 borders to be added, then I can baste it, and "quilt as desired".  I hate that saying.  But more on that later.

Next, right after we gulped down lunch...see all that railing?  That's about half of the railing on the deck.  We had to stain on the outside!  So Terry was on the ladder and I was on the deck moving the paint tray and had a brush to catch the drips on this side....then, out of bordum from waiting for drips, I stained all along the top of the rail upper part, and the lower one.  It went very fast.  Next time he's home, we will have to do the floor.  Yuck.  It always looks wonderful when it's done.  But we always seem to end up doing this during the heat of the day.....

So that was done, I cleaned up the stuff, and then showered.  Then ate a bag of popcorn and fell asleep.  It was bond to happen.  It was hot out there today.  We just made a run to Home Depot for salt for the watersoftener, and a ladder to put out a window to get out in case of fire.  17 years ago when we bought the house, we figured we could make it out of the bedroom window even though it was up one story.  Not now!  I want a ladder.  And why am I harping on this?  Because not far from my house, a house burnt to the ground!  Terrible looking thing.  The truck is toast, still in the carport.  Family got out ok, but lost about everything.

So if you could grab one or two things, ON THE WAY OUT, what would you grab?  Is it easy to get on the way out?  Better rethink these things.  I don't run as fast or think as quickly, and I'm not going back into the fire.  The young boy was over there, and he said he went back in to the house to get the dog.  Wonderfully, stupid thing to do.  All are ok.  I couldn't possibly grab all my quilts.  I just have too many of them. 

Ok, it's been a strange thinking day.  But quilting is still in progress.  Got things done and checked off.  Car goes in to the shop in the morning for an oil change.  BEEEEEEEis tomorrow!  I need a break from all this work!  It's always good to see the girls. 

I did win the lottery this week...don't quit anything, it was only $4.  But I love getting a number right.  wonder what I would do if I got a bunch of money from the lottery?  Mmmmm?  Another thing to ponder!  don't you love it.  I think about alot of things when I'm quilting.  I have often thought about opening a quilt shop.  But having know many women who have done that....well you don't have any time to do anything else!  So just buy fabric and sit at home with a sharp olfa cutter and have at it! 


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