Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

THis is what I was talking about marking with the long piece of cardboard in the wavy lines.  You mark one line, then move the cardboard closer to you and shift it to the left.

Get the lines close together in one spot and it makes a great wave.  Very easy borders!  I usually do 4 lines in a border.  You can do these across a whole quilt.  Makes a great background.

Yesterday, I had planned on marking this quilt, then basting it.  Then quilt for a while on the postage stamp one, and finish up with working on the one on the design wall.... but it never goes the way you plan.  I marked this one and it took hours.  None of the blocks are alike, so I had to come up with a different design for each one!  Did get it basted, and then my back was tired.  So today, I stayed home this afternoon and quilted on the postage stamp one.  I didn't get to the Norris guild meeting.  Two meetings and a bee in one week is alot of time for me to be running around.  So I skipped one. 

Tomorrow is Bee!  Yes.  And when I went to baste this quilt, I realized I was out of Mountain Mist Quilt Light Batting!  That's my favorite!  I can't believe I don't have any in the house!  I have 2 regular MM Battings... and  cotton battings up the wahzoo!  I have won several, bought a couple and was given a few by others.  Also have 2 wool batts, and a bamboo one!  Think I'll try the bamboo one in the quilt with the sheep.  It's super soft...but when I had tried a sample piece, the needle seemed to drag through it.  So I'll pull it out and put a piece of fabric on either side and give it a quick go.  If it is easier than I remember, then I'll use it for that.  If not, then I'll try the wool.  Everyone has been saying how wonderful it is to quilt through wool.  Seems right for  a quilt with sheep on it!    So what does this have to do with Bee?  Well, the shops to buy battings are down there!  So on my way to bee, I'll swing by and pick up a batting or two. 

In 2 different guilds, we have done batting samples.  You have to write to several batting companies and get what you can find locally.  Cut out strips from all of them, 2" x 18".  Get 1/2 yard of muslin and line up the samples of batting, butted up against each other.  You write on the back of the muslin what each sample is.... Then you sew 3 wide strip together, light, medium, and dark strip to make a top.  Put that over the battings and quilt down the line.  You will be able to do a nice comparison between all the battings.  Nice to see them through the fabrics, and see the difference in the relief of the quilting.  It was about 18 to 20 years inbetween the 2 times I have done this.  Batting has really changed!  And the varieties that you can get now are great!  On the back of the muslin, you also should write down how easy it was to quilt through each one.  What else you like and don't like about them.  It is great to have around.  I have my two samples around here somewhere....

Keep quilting!  Try new techniques and have fun cutting up all that pretty fabric! 

What did the cowgirl say to the cowboy?  "Don't flatter yourself Cowboy, I was looking at your horse!" 

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