Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday mornings down at Panera's in Turkey Creek, many Porsches come on down to hang out!  Beautiful cars. 

7 of us today!  I love the lines of this car.  Needs to be in a quilt, big time!

Close ups show the differences....

and they are all pretty.

Could I rattle off all the different specs on these cars?.....Nope.  But they are so comfortable to sit in and fast!

Here's the newest one.  He just got it.  Blue interior, silver outside and gorgeous. 

Yesterday was the autocross set up in 2 parking lots at the Pellissippi College.  It was a blast.  I did very well time wise.  I improved with every lap.  Which is what I think it's supposed to be about.  Learning to handle the car better and getting familiar with how it reacts going fast. But there's always some GUYS who just want to be the fastest out there.  I did pick on one... he asked for his time...and I told him something really high (so he would know I was kidding around), and he wasn't having that kind of fun.  These guys were grummpy and nasty if they didn't have the lowest time.  So I would kid around even more.  Other people had more fun with me!  And I got to squeel the tires too!

I did quilt on the customer's yesterday for a couple of hours.  So I think that today I will play around with scraps or something else.  Need to just sew for the heck of it today!  No stress about straight lines or perfect corners!  Just want to have fun!!! 

Terry leaves for work tomorrow.  Then one guild meeting monday night, and another on wednesday afternoon.  Can never have too much quilting and friends! 

What cha working on today? 

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