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Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Quilt as desired."  What?  How many times has a pattern or book left you hanging with that as the next step?  I have a ton of stencils to show people who come over with a quilt top for me to hand quilt for them.  I draw my own or "free" hand the quilting without marking.  But you have to have an idea to start with.  When people say they "listen" to the quilt to let it tell them what it wants or needs, they aren't far from the truth.  If you have pieced together a straight line design, you can either follow the lines to keep the same design flowing.  Or you can use a curved quilting design to break it up and soften the lines. 

Most men prefer straight lines on things.  Most women prefer curves like hearts, flowers, or feathers to name a few.  I love all of them.  But when you have a customer, you have to get an idea what they like so you don't do a lot of wonderful quilting, and they don't like it! There is a wonderful book out that does show a quilt with about 5 different ways to quilt it, but actually quilting that same quilt 5 times.  The looks are so unique each time.  So the quilting does change the quilt.  It adds the soul.  The book is "the quilting makes the quilt" by Lee Cleland.  It's a great reference for me to use to show how different a quilt can look with the quilting.  I don't sell books, so I'm not going to make any money if you get this.  But I think quilters should know what works and what is not. 

So?  Quilt as desired... I love to draw wavy lines that move over alittle bit each time.  I opened up an empty cereal box and drew a wavy line across it, cut it, and use that for a template.  Nothing fancy or expensive.  And it works all the time.  You can make several for different width waves.  You can use it as the center for a feather design and add the feathery bits to that line.  Designing a quilting pattern isn't hard.  If you are quilting on the straight line top, then put a long piece of masking tape along the seam and quilt beside that.  Wonderful stuff that masking tape!  You can use the same piece many times before it gets too fuzzy to use again.  It's cheap enough that you won't go broke.  Just don't leave it on when transporting the quilt in a hot car.  Only time the sticky may stay on the fabric is with heat. 

It's not rocket science.  Simple lines can be more effective than designing a flower garden to quilt into the background.  Repeats are effect.  The relief that the eye catchs can be fasinating.  I did a whole cloth quilt once called, "Practice Random Acts of Quilting."  It was fun!  I took my stencils and drew them onto muslin, over lapping designs.  Then quilted different stencil designs with different colors to make them stand out more.  It was every effective!  I got a judge's award in one show for that quilt!  So you do need to play around with the quilting design to enhance the quilt top. 

Bee was fun today!  Got there after having the oil changed in my car and having it checked over.  Got to Joanne's for a quick look around with an extra 1/2 hour between the car service and bee.... butterick pattern's were $1.99.  Which is pretty good considering that patterns are now up to $15.99 and $17.95!  Ouch!  When did those go up so high?  So I only get patterns when there is a sale.  And I don't look through the book because the sale only includes what they have in I just go open the drawers and look through the rows of patterns.  Not a big deal.  They are not in any organized groups in there.  So it does take time, but instead of looking through the book, writing down numbers, go and search for that number only to find, it's out..... just look through the patterns in the drawer...

Bee...oh, yea.... CuPcaKes!!!  Big ones and small ones!  Linda's Birthday and Deb's Birthday!   We have one rule at bee.  1.  If it's your birthday, you bring the cake.     Why??  Because one year, we remembered someone's birthday, but not the next one that came up.  Hurt feelings all around.  So the rule was made.  If you can't remember to bring cake, then it's not anyone's fault buy your own.  If you don't want a big HoooHa, then don't bring cake.  But we are always glad when someone was born, so bring cake!    All the cupcakes were delious and I got some of the little ones to bring home. 

I'm slowly getting my quilt quilted at bee.  I did work on it at the dealership while they worked on my car.  Struck up a conversation with a nice man from Montana.  He and his wife travel alot.  So we traded stories and I gave him my blog address!  Hope he stays in touch!    I want to see a picture of the quilt he was telling me about!  I meet alot of people when I have a quilt out and I'm working.  It's great to hear about family quilts.  If you are not a quilter, then most people have NO idea how many women are out there doing this!  (and a couple of men....)  So it's wonderful to tell them about things. 

Time to go.  Missing is coming on in a few minutes!  I love that show.  And I'm tired after 3 loads of laundry, spraying for bugs around the outside of the house, make dinner, cleaning up, and 1 hour of quilting at home on the customer's quilt....I just want to sit and vegge out! 

Keep quilting!!!  Hi To Tunisia!!!  Patty

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