Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ok, you miss a day and wonder what you have been up to?  Cleaning...yuck.  But it has to get done every so often.  Then I have some socks that seem silly to throw out when there's just a small hole on each, so I do darn!  Most people don't have any idea what that is...well, you fix the hole!  Can't find the nice thick cotton mending thread anymore.  So I use quilting thread.  You can see a hole fixed on the toe of the upper left sock. 

Here's my collection of sock darners!  You find them in antique shops now!  The lightest colored one was from a shop in England.  They still fix socks.  In one antique shop, the young girl at the counter said, "oh, you found the masher.".  She thought is was for the kitchen to mash up some kind of food.  Silly girl. 

I also use pool noodles to store my quilts.  Got a couple extra at the $1 store.

Here are some rolled up and covered with sheet "socks".  Twin bed sheets are the right width for fitting on the noodles!  Can make 3 socks out of a flat twin sheet. 
 This is the fabric for the next customer's quilt.  A small wall hanging and I have cut up the panel that is the main attraction.
Here's the cut outs.  They are cute!  The two blocks on the side are hers.  She's not sure what to do with them.  Took an applique class years ago, and the blocks are just sitting.... any ideas?

Any a few...there's no matching fabrics, but I seem to have plenty to dig through!  So I'll get something on paper and let her know!

Got the first Harry Potter movie in... seems when I'm going to be sewing most of the day, I start a movie series.  Then just keep puting one after the other in.  Star Wars is a good one.  But do you start with the first one made or the Number One in the series....?  Not a big deal, I guess.  I only listen to certain parts that I like anyways. 

So I'll chek the laundry and get to quilting.  I have been blog surfing the last 2 or 3 days.  Stumbled across a blog that was new, which listed other blogs on the side....which led to checking them out and starting new favorites lists!  What fun!  Takes time to look through them.  But the fun in seeing others work is great!  You can tell the lastest in colors that are out there.  Not my taste, but the projects are fun.

Now I would like to thank all the people around the world who come to read my blog!  It's fun to check the stats and see where they are!  Russia!  New Zealand!  Places that I had to look up on the world map!  Glad you have you visit!  Would love to have any comments added in to hear what you like to see.  I haven't taken too many pictures of my quilts lately.  That seems to come in spurts. 

In June I'mgoing to visit my sister in NH.  Debating if I should take the putor with me or wait to blog when I get home....

If you really want to do something, You'll find a way.
If you don't, you'll find an excuse. 
So?  Get into it! 

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