Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ok, you just shouldn't practice machine quilting at 9:30pm.  I was tired and wanted to get this done... and it is.  A fabric bucket.  Won't hold water, but it is cute!

I had pieced it together when I did the log cabin blocks... then last night I cut the batting and sat down.  Zoned out and got 'er done.  I think it's a nice size to use to stash things in it.

Love the checker board inside with the plaid.
I almost have the postage stamp quilt done.  Working on the binding.... boring part that has to get done.  So I'll have a picture of that for tomorrow.  Probably will bring it to the guild meeting. 

Bee tomorrow.  Also take my car in to have a sensor replaced.  Then donate blood over at Food Lion.  They are supposed to be there.  I don't like donating, but it's needed.  Do you know how much they charge if you don't donate?  Something like $125 a pint.  So go donate.  It's not a big deal or I would be too chicken.  Your family gets free blood if they need it with in a year.  And you usually get a t shirt.  (I do it for the cookies!)

I was looking at the pictures from the dragon, where they all go driving, and one jeep had a sticker on the back that said, "Hang on, I want to try something." 

At least if I say that in the sewing room, no one will throw up!
Keep laughing!  I makes people wonder.

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