Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, May 11, 2012

I ordered some fabrics from Loralie Designs!  They are soooooo cute!  I love these panels!  Got 3 different ones and a couple of yards of the black and white fabric (on sale).

this is the panel with scenes from Paris!  Kate and I went over there when I went over to visit her in London.  That was 8 or 9 years ago.  We went to Paris!  That was a place that didn't seem real to me until I got there.  Movies and the Tour de France...well, I had to go!  We saw the tourist places and a few other places.  There was a riot between the firemen and the policemen one night and we got caught on the edge of I know what teargas feels like.  That was weird.  The food over there is wonderful.  We did get to go to several Patisseries.  The hot chocolate at one was so thick, the spoon stood up in it!

There's the panel with Chefs!  Too cute!  Got ideas for that one!

And this is a beach vacation one.  Not exactly what I was trying to find, but close.  All her things are cute.  So now I'll get to play with these panels.  Cut them apart and make bigger wallhangings. 

I was at the bank today and the girls there know I sew.  They were asking me if they would be able to make a quilt for a raffle in 3 weeks.  I dont think they could do it and have a great quilt.  So I did discuss things they could put into a basket for a raffle.  So in June in Oak Ridge, there is a raffle that will have a sewing basket.  should be filled with great goodies, whether you are just getting started or been sewing for a while and need more supplies! 

I spent most of the afternoon working on the customer's quilt.  Then took one of the challenge pieces down to work on.  Got to keep up with those.  Alittle each week, and it'll be done by the end ofthe year while I still keep up with incoming work.  

I have been meaning to put up the names of everyone who had been in my class... but give me time to do something, and it's usually going to be working with fabrics and not necessarily time on the computer.  I'll get there....

My eyes are so tired now and my back is bugging me.  Time to lie on the couch or floor... but just a couple more stitches....  Tomorrow I'll be in here all day! 

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