Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I love houseplants!  They just sit there and be happy.  NO WEEDING.  Just happy.  These first 3 pictures are in the living room.

Few dragons around to protect things.

And they keep growing.

This bunch used to be in the living room before the remodel.  Now that we took out the space they used to be in, they are still in the back room 2 years later.  They have grown up to the ceiling and bent down and growing more!  I can cut off parts and stick them into dirt and they just keep growing.  Used to cut them back every year!  Just not sure what to do with them!  I love them.  They like indirect sunlight and water once or twice a week.  Very happy plants!

I have a bunch in the bedroom.  I always thought it kept the air nice in each room if you had plants putting out oxygen.  These keep growing like crazy too.

And all of these (and the living room ones) started from one little one that my sister gave me years ago!  They keep multiplying.  I have run out of pots and they need to be seperated again!  6 pots here, 3 in living room, and 2 in the bedroom, and I have given away 3 others.  Must be too much carbonmonioxide in the house!  Or we have plenty of oxygen now!  I do well with indoor plants... well, the weeds grow really well outside!

And a couple of fake ficus plant for the dark corners...

This one we use as a Christmas tree every year.  There are little white lights on it, and whisteria flowers.... Cute to me!

I will be quilting today.  My back has a pinch in it that wasn't there a few days ago when I went to the chiropractor!  If this doesn't go away in a couple of days, then I'll go back.  He can get my bones in place so easily and the pains go away.  This getting old doesn't bother me, it's the wearing out part that is a pain in the back.  Not fair.  Now that I have more energy, the body keeps slowing me down. 

Don't sweat the small stuff.  Laugh at it.  Life is too short.  Buy all the fabric you want and CUT IT UP! 

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  1. Hey, Patty! I've been going over all your posts of the last couple of weeks since I'm finally at home. It's like talking with you on the phone! Enjoyed them and love the fabric you just picked up. Really cute. I'm quite jealous of those houseplants! I gave up on houseplants years ago. And I have so many wonderful memories of Knoxville thanks to you. We'll do it again, sometime in the future!
    best, nadia