Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here's some from the class that I taught!  They were shown at the guild meeting last night!  4 tops together so far!  Each one is so wonderful!  They had a blast with this technique!!!  This one was made from blocks she had won in a block exchange in the guild.

This one was using Laural Birch fabrics!  Nice and bright!!!

This had been a panel of the bathing beauties, cut apart and fabric added inbetween.  So cute!

And the African aniamals with travel stamps on fabrics!  The colors were striking!  Each quilt was using the 9 Patch Pizzazz technique.  All different looks, sizes, and outcome.  I really love how they all turned out!

I had made a name tag for each woman on muslin for the class, then collected them back at the end of the class.  Got a sample of the fabric or nine patch from them, and I'm trying to construct a wall hanging to remember the class by.  I think it'll be neat to have and remember all that went on in the class.  It's on the design wall now.... got a ways to go!

Yesterday I marked and basted this wallhanging for a customer.  That'll be the next one to quilt.  The postage stamp one is coming along nicely.  Just alot of time to quilt every square inch of that one!

That guild meeting last night was so much fun!  Lots of laughter!  There will be a block exchange in July and you are asked to use Civil War colors/fabrics.  Not my taste in color choices, so we were bugging Arlene about that.  She held up a very bright primary colored wallhanging in show and tell, and I asked if those were close enough to the civil war colors to use....the place cracked up and that started the joking about colors that were civil war colors.  Also, a couple of women were showing things they were making and everyone was trying to "be their best friends" so they might be given things!  It was so much fun last night.  This is why I joined this guild.  Quick to laugh and have fun. 

So today is my day at home.  Laundry will start, and then the sewing room will light up.  I have my quilt to mark and baste.  Quilt on the postage stamp one.  Then more on the one on the design wall.  Just fun all day!  And I'll eat inbetween things.  I got too much "good" stuff food shopping yesterday.  I have to watch that.  Eating too much lately!  Not enough exercise. 

Hear a great saying on tv last night.  "It'll all be great in the end.  If it's not great yet, then you're not at the end!"   Don't you love it!  I really do want to have fun.  People are so grumpy out there.  Lets give them smiles and new crayons.  And quilts....lots and lots of quilts!

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