Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Here's my bullletin board that wouldn't fit back into my sewing room after the remodel!  Lots of good friends on there!

And some more friends and signs... Never enough room for my display things!  I love to have junk around!

I did get in some more fabric of the Ghastlie family! Love these funny people!  I can see something like the Adams family pictures on a quilt.    The postage stamp quilt is the one I have been working on lately.  I'm into the second about 1/3 of the quilt left to quilt.  It's taking a long time with quilting every 1" apart!

Now in the basement, if you go into the storage room....

which is a mess and full...keep going....

through the closet of the storage room....

You will find my little room!  I wanted a "hidden room" in the basement.  It's painted as if you are sitting on the balcony of a castle.  Has lots of dragons down there and a comfy chair to sit and read...also....NO PHONES.   (yea!)

Have to finish painting the landscape.  It's been a few years, I just have to scheule time, or I sit and quilt instead.  Funny, though.  When I show this room to anyone, they all ask (And I mean every single one....)  What's this for?  What?  Aside from the fact that I feel like there are times I want to leave this planet and this is the only place to go, why not?  We also get storms up here so bad that I want a place to go and be comfy while the trees are coming down and the lighting is hitting.  We have had lighting come IN the house 15 out of 17 years.  Yup.  Knocked out 8 phones, 5 moduems, computor parts, broke the phone line, ADT has needed mother board replaced as well as the batteries and rechargers....burnt out a car battery charger and the cars have needed electrical things replaced.  Although the mechanics say that it couldn't possible be lighting.  The parts didn't need replacing before it hit the house!  (Funny how it never hits the washer and dryer....)

Other stuff has gotten fried too, but out neighbors house has gotten hit more times and worse than us.  Even put a hole in the new roof bigger than a basketball.  Melted down all the outlets in their house as well as anything that was plugged in at the time.  So when the lighting is coming, I run around and unplug everything.  Grab a book, flashlights, cell phone, and head into the basement.  Next time I should continue painting and get more on the walls!   (Got to restock the chocolate too.) 

Tomorrow is a driving day!  Porsche is having an autocross and I love to go fast when I'm driving.  If I'm in the passenger seat, I need a bag.... so you can see why I would rather be the driver. 

Quilting was done today.  Believe it or not, I did try to fix a new recipe.   It was "ok".  I'm not crazy about it.  Mediterranean Stew.  On Bitchen Kitchen.  Sounded better than good or I wouldn't cook.  I hate to cook.  But this was with tomatoes, garbonso beans, roasted garlic and a few other things that I had to buy, seeing as how I don't have any spices other than salt, sugar, and cinnamin.  And put it all together, and it was tomato sauce with beans.  Yucky.  Needs spagetti.  So I'm hoping that sitting in the fridge all night will make it better....or into the trash. 

There is an auction at a house across the street tomorrow.  I wouldn't mind going, but the driving thing sounds like so much more fun!    We got posts and bright tape to put up to keep people off the lawn.  We have put so much time, effort into the lawn, I'd like to keep it nice. 

Keep quilting!  I'll share some of t he blogs that I have been finding.  There is a way to post them on the side....I just haven't figured that out yet.  Like I said, I'm not great at a putor... I'm just here!

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