Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's done!  I can't get the pictures to do what I want tonight.  But this is the wonderful postage stamp quilt.  Got the binding done just a minute ago.  It's soft and so sweet. 

Here's a close up of a couple of the centers.  They are different quilting designs.  Because there was a piece of linen in there instead of a batting, there is no loft in the quilting.

All the little fabrics are so pretty.  It had to have taken sooooo much time to cut all those out.  They didn't have olfa cutters back then.  So each little square had to be cut out with sissors.  It was machine pieced.  But still had to have taken a very long time.  It's 65" x 45". 

I have the next one basted and another waiting for attention!  That's not counting mine. 

I got the car sensor changed out today.  Yea.  I love it when the things on the car all work right!  You can't just put duct tape on things now and expect it to be ok.... Then I went to bee.  Lots of laughing today!  Not many people, but still a very good time!  Next week is the SMQ guild meeting.  So I'll show the postage stamp quilt! 

I guess graduation is going on this week!  Plenty of signs up around town and new cars on the road with the "paper plates".  Also had a party truck leaving the neighbor hood a minute ago... so I expect the traffic to and from the party site will pick up later.     

Not much energy tonight, so will turn in early.  Just want to get alittle more stitching done on the blue one.....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ok, you just shouldn't practice machine quilting at 9:30pm.  I was tired and wanted to get this done... and it is.  A fabric bucket.  Won't hold water, but it is cute!

I had pieced it together when I did the log cabin blocks... then last night I cut the batting and sat down.  Zoned out and got 'er done.  I think it's a nice size to use to stash things in it.

Love the checker board inside with the plaid.
I almost have the postage stamp quilt done.  Working on the binding.... boring part that has to get done.  So I'll have a picture of that for tomorrow.  Probably will bring it to the guild meeting. 

Bee tomorrow.  Also take my car in to have a sensor replaced.  Then donate blood over at Food Lion.  They are supposed to be there.  I don't like donating, but it's needed.  Do you know how much they charge if you don't donate?  Something like $125 a pint.  So go donate.  It's not a big deal or I would be too chicken.  Your family gets free blood if they need it with in a year.  And you usually get a t shirt.  (I do it for the cookies!)

I was looking at the pictures from the dragon, where they all go driving, and one jeep had a sticker on the back that said, "Hang on, I want to try something." 

At least if I say that in the sewing room, no one will throw up!
Keep laughing!  I makes people wonder.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Start with a big bag of scraps, and a long weekend.  Determination to make something out of nothing....

Sew and sew and sew....

They do come together after a while and there are very colorful blocks!

I needed this.  It's like therapy for me.  Nothiing exact and just bright colors.  I will get these together in a wonky way.  Why I only got 14 made is beyond me.  But now that is part of my own challenge.  To "make it work."  Love that saying. 

It was in the 80's last night, all night.  Someone left the heaters on from last winter!  (Just kidding)  I have an idea why it's getting hotter.... too many hair dryers, clothing dryers and electrical motors running.  When the power goes off, do you do ok?  I'm fine without power.  When Mike was at home, we would play chess when the power went out.  Great game that takes a long time and very little light. 

So?  What did you make over the long weekend?  I have had one movie after another going.  So I'm looking forward to bee this week and actually talking with people.  I do have to have the car in the shop.  Needs a sensor replaced that reads the oil pressure.  Bothers me to see the gauge go up and down all the time.  I go by gauges, so they have to work. 

Ok, lunch first then quilt more... Been eating too much... but, that's ok right now too....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

So?  What have you been up to?  I have been concentrating on quilting this piece. A holiday weekend is my time to do my own work.  My hand is so tired and sore after 2 intense days of quilting.  Shall I stop...nay.  I am waiting for the sunday paper to get here.  I woke up at 5:15am, and just didn't want to go back to sleep.  I have such weird, sometimes terrible, dreams that it's better to just get up.

Can you see the quilting?  Each block is different.  Took me 4 hours to mark.  I really want this one done and out of the way.  Just too many others to work on. 

Ok, blue is my favorite color.  Want to make something of it!  It gets to be a joke, but I don't understand why all the time.  ...just go with it.  Not like I'm the only one with a favorite! (Ok, you can tell I needed more sleep!)

I was thinking about the Sunday Paper.  Do you know that my parents never let us read the main news in the papers when I was growing up?!  I guess they were just shielding us or thought they were protecting us in someway.  But when I started to find out about all the problems in the world, it was unreal to me.  Very difficult to understand the hatred and malice of people.  So I'm glad in a way that they did it.  But, I had to catch up on current events quickly.  Learning history shouldn't be about what happened yesterday...

It's easy for me to tune things out that I don't like.  I do learn more about them before saying it's a load of crap.  I don't try to tell people how to run their lives, and I really don't want or need anyone else to tell me how to run mine.  So I usually steer clear of people who constantly tell you how to handle things, or what I should be doing.  I do my own thing.  I am an adult now.  Something else that some people don't seem to get.  Just because I'm happy and having a good time doesn't mean I'm childish, or child like.  Would you believe I'm going to be 60 next year?  They say it's the start of another childhood.  I haven't given up the orginal one.  I feel sorry for others who have. 

Too deep?  What's your favorite color?

What if Zebras were green?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

In progress!  Still on the wall... I added black sashing and some more blue...

Today started weird.  Something got into the I had to get another bag and climb into the can and clean it out.  Then hose it out... Cleaned bathrooms... just seemed to be never ending yuck around here! 

The other day when I went to baste a quilt I didn't have any MM light batting.  So I ran to Joanne's and batting was 50% off!  Alright!  Got 2.  Then off to Bee!  The parking lot was packed because another big meeting was taking place in the building.  So I had to park in the back lot... Got there just as another bee was coming in, and only one other was there and I was an hour late!  Now we still have a good time even when there are only a couple of people there.  At least it had been a calm week in everyone's life for a change!  Others did show up.  I left early because UPS was bringing something my hubby ordered and he didn't know if I would have to sign for it...4 wheels with tires!  Don't want those just left by the front door. 

Anyways, I have been trying to get into gear and get somethings done in the sewing room the rest of the day.  Dinner is done, and I have some time now!!!   When did life get so complicated.  I have a hammock and would love to put that out this summer....oh, the tree come down last year in a storm. 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

THis is what I was talking about marking with the long piece of cardboard in the wavy lines.  You mark one line, then move the cardboard closer to you and shift it to the left.

Get the lines close together in one spot and it makes a great wave.  Very easy borders!  I usually do 4 lines in a border.  You can do these across a whole quilt.  Makes a great background.

Yesterday, I had planned on marking this quilt, then basting it.  Then quilt for a while on the postage stamp one, and finish up with working on the one on the design wall.... but it never goes the way you plan.  I marked this one and it took hours.  None of the blocks are alike, so I had to come up with a different design for each one!  Did get it basted, and then my back was tired.  So today, I stayed home this afternoon and quilted on the postage stamp one.  I didn't get to the Norris guild meeting.  Two meetings and a bee in one week is alot of time for me to be running around.  So I skipped one. 

Tomorrow is Bee!  Yes.  And when I went to baste this quilt, I realized I was out of Mountain Mist Quilt Light Batting!  That's my favorite!  I can't believe I don't have any in the house!  I have 2 regular MM Battings... and  cotton battings up the wahzoo!  I have won several, bought a couple and was given a few by others.  Also have 2 wool batts, and a bamboo one!  Think I'll try the bamboo one in the quilt with the sheep.  It's super soft...but when I had tried a sample piece, the needle seemed to drag through it.  So I'll pull it out and put a piece of fabric on either side and give it a quick go.  If it is easier than I remember, then I'll use it for that.  If not, then I'll try the wool.  Everyone has been saying how wonderful it is to quilt through wool.  Seems right for  a quilt with sheep on it!    So what does this have to do with Bee?  Well, the shops to buy battings are down there!  So on my way to bee, I'll swing by and pick up a batting or two. 

In 2 different guilds, we have done batting samples.  You have to write to several batting companies and get what you can find locally.  Cut out strips from all of them, 2" x 18".  Get 1/2 yard of muslin and line up the samples of batting, butted up against each other.  You write on the back of the muslin what each sample is.... Then you sew 3 wide strip together, light, medium, and dark strip to make a top.  Put that over the battings and quilt down the line.  You will be able to do a nice comparison between all the battings.  Nice to see them through the fabrics, and see the difference in the relief of the quilting.  It was about 18 to 20 years inbetween the 2 times I have done this.  Batting has really changed!  And the varieties that you can get now are great!  On the back of the muslin, you also should write down how easy it was to quilt through each one.  What else you like and don't like about them.  It is great to have around.  I have my two samples around here somewhere....

Keep quilting!  Try new techniques and have fun cutting up all that pretty fabric! 

What did the cowgirl say to the cowboy?  "Don't flatter yourself Cowboy, I was looking at your horse!" 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here's some from the class that I taught!  They were shown at the guild meeting last night!  4 tops together so far!  Each one is so wonderful!  They had a blast with this technique!!!  This one was made from blocks she had won in a block exchange in the guild.

This one was using Laural Birch fabrics!  Nice and bright!!!

This had been a panel of the bathing beauties, cut apart and fabric added inbetween.  So cute!

And the African aniamals with travel stamps on fabrics!  The colors were striking!  Each quilt was using the 9 Patch Pizzazz technique.  All different looks, sizes, and outcome.  I really love how they all turned out!

I had made a name tag for each woman on muslin for the class, then collected them back at the end of the class.  Got a sample of the fabric or nine patch from them, and I'm trying to construct a wall hanging to remember the class by.  I think it'll be neat to have and remember all that went on in the class.  It's on the design wall now.... got a ways to go!

Yesterday I marked and basted this wallhanging for a customer.  That'll be the next one to quilt.  The postage stamp one is coming along nicely.  Just alot of time to quilt every square inch of that one!

That guild meeting last night was so much fun!  Lots of laughter!  There will be a block exchange in July and you are asked to use Civil War colors/fabrics.  Not my taste in color choices, so we were bugging Arlene about that.  She held up a very bright primary colored wallhanging in show and tell, and I asked if those were close enough to the civil war colors to use....the place cracked up and that started the joking about colors that were civil war colors.  Also, a couple of women were showing things they were making and everyone was trying to "be their best friends" so they might be given things!  It was so much fun last night.  This is why I joined this guild.  Quick to laugh and have fun. 

So today is my day at home.  Laundry will start, and then the sewing room will light up.  I have my quilt to mark and baste.  Quilt on the postage stamp one.  Then more on the one on the design wall.  Just fun all day!  And I'll eat inbetween things.  I got too much "good" stuff food shopping yesterday.  I have to watch that.  Eating too much lately!  Not enough exercise. 

Hear a great saying on tv last night.  "It'll all be great in the end.  If it's not great yet, then you're not at the end!"   Don't you love it!  I really do want to have fun.  People are so grumpy out there.  Lets give them smiles and new crayons.  And quilts....lots and lots of quilts!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday mornings down at Panera's in Turkey Creek, many Porsches come on down to hang out!  Beautiful cars. 

7 of us today!  I love the lines of this car.  Needs to be in a quilt, big time!

Close ups show the differences....

and they are all pretty.

Could I rattle off all the different specs on these cars?.....Nope.  But they are so comfortable to sit in and fast!

Here's the newest one.  He just got it.  Blue interior, silver outside and gorgeous. 

Yesterday was the autocross set up in 2 parking lots at the Pellissippi College.  It was a blast.  I did very well time wise.  I improved with every lap.  Which is what I think it's supposed to be about.  Learning to handle the car better and getting familiar with how it reacts going fast. But there's always some GUYS who just want to be the fastest out there.  I did pick on one... he asked for his time...and I told him something really high (so he would know I was kidding around), and he wasn't having that kind of fun.  These guys were grummpy and nasty if they didn't have the lowest time.  So I would kid around even more.  Other people had more fun with me!  And I got to squeel the tires too!

I did quilt on the customer's yesterday for a couple of hours.  So I think that today I will play around with scraps or something else.  Need to just sew for the heck of it today!  No stress about straight lines or perfect corners!  Just want to have fun!!! 

Terry leaves for work tomorrow.  Then one guild meeting monday night, and another on wednesday afternoon.  Can never have too much quilting and friends! 

What cha working on today? 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Here's my bullletin board that wouldn't fit back into my sewing room after the remodel!  Lots of good friends on there!

And some more friends and signs... Never enough room for my display things!  I love to have junk around!

I did get in some more fabric of the Ghastlie family! Love these funny people!  I can see something like the Adams family pictures on a quilt.    The postage stamp quilt is the one I have been working on lately.  I'm into the second about 1/3 of the quilt left to quilt.  It's taking a long time with quilting every 1" apart!

Now in the basement, if you go into the storage room....

which is a mess and full...keep going....

through the closet of the storage room....

You will find my little room!  I wanted a "hidden room" in the basement.  It's painted as if you are sitting on the balcony of a castle.  Has lots of dragons down there and a comfy chair to sit and read...also....NO PHONES.   (yea!)

Have to finish painting the landscape.  It's been a few years, I just have to scheule time, or I sit and quilt instead.  Funny, though.  When I show this room to anyone, they all ask (And I mean every single one....)  What's this for?  What?  Aside from the fact that I feel like there are times I want to leave this planet and this is the only place to go, why not?  We also get storms up here so bad that I want a place to go and be comfy while the trees are coming down and the lighting is hitting.  We have had lighting come IN the house 15 out of 17 years.  Yup.  Knocked out 8 phones, 5 moduems, computor parts, broke the phone line, ADT has needed mother board replaced as well as the batteries and rechargers....burnt out a car battery charger and the cars have needed electrical things replaced.  Although the mechanics say that it couldn't possible be lighting.  The parts didn't need replacing before it hit the house!  (Funny how it never hits the washer and dryer....)

Other stuff has gotten fried too, but out neighbors house has gotten hit more times and worse than us.  Even put a hole in the new roof bigger than a basketball.  Melted down all the outlets in their house as well as anything that was plugged in at the time.  So when the lighting is coming, I run around and unplug everything.  Grab a book, flashlights, cell phone, and head into the basement.  Next time I should continue painting and get more on the walls!   (Got to restock the chocolate too.) 

Tomorrow is a driving day!  Porsche is having an autocross and I love to go fast when I'm driving.  If I'm in the passenger seat, I need a bag.... so you can see why I would rather be the driver. 

Quilting was done today.  Believe it or not, I did try to fix a new recipe.   It was "ok".  I'm not crazy about it.  Mediterranean Stew.  On Bitchen Kitchen.  Sounded better than good or I wouldn't cook.  I hate to cook.  But this was with tomatoes, garbonso beans, roasted garlic and a few other things that I had to buy, seeing as how I don't have any spices other than salt, sugar, and cinnamin.  And put it all together, and it was tomato sauce with beans.  Yucky.  Needs spagetti.  So I'm hoping that sitting in the fridge all night will make it better....or into the trash. 

There is an auction at a house across the street tomorrow.  I wouldn't mind going, but the driving thing sounds like so much more fun!    We got posts and bright tape to put up to keep people off the lawn.  We have put so much time, effort into the lawn, I'd like to keep it nice. 

Keep quilting!  I'll share some of t he blogs that I have been finding.  There is a way to post them on the side....I just haven't figured that out yet.  Like I said, I'm not great at a putor... I'm just here!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Quilt as desired."  What?  How many times has a pattern or book left you hanging with that as the next step?  I have a ton of stencils to show people who come over with a quilt top for me to hand quilt for them.  I draw my own or "free" hand the quilting without marking.  But you have to have an idea to start with.  When people say they "listen" to the quilt to let it tell them what it wants or needs, they aren't far from the truth.  If you have pieced together a straight line design, you can either follow the lines to keep the same design flowing.  Or you can use a curved quilting design to break it up and soften the lines. 

Most men prefer straight lines on things.  Most women prefer curves like hearts, flowers, or feathers to name a few.  I love all of them.  But when you have a customer, you have to get an idea what they like so you don't do a lot of wonderful quilting, and they don't like it! There is a wonderful book out that does show a quilt with about 5 different ways to quilt it, but actually quilting that same quilt 5 times.  The looks are so unique each time.  So the quilting does change the quilt.  It adds the soul.  The book is "the quilting makes the quilt" by Lee Cleland.  It's a great reference for me to use to show how different a quilt can look with the quilting.  I don't sell books, so I'm not going to make any money if you get this.  But I think quilters should know what works and what is not. 

So?  Quilt as desired... I love to draw wavy lines that move over alittle bit each time.  I opened up an empty cereal box and drew a wavy line across it, cut it, and use that for a template.  Nothing fancy or expensive.  And it works all the time.  You can make several for different width waves.  You can use it as the center for a feather design and add the feathery bits to that line.  Designing a quilting pattern isn't hard.  If you are quilting on the straight line top, then put a long piece of masking tape along the seam and quilt beside that.  Wonderful stuff that masking tape!  You can use the same piece many times before it gets too fuzzy to use again.  It's cheap enough that you won't go broke.  Just don't leave it on when transporting the quilt in a hot car.  Only time the sticky may stay on the fabric is with heat. 

It's not rocket science.  Simple lines can be more effective than designing a flower garden to quilt into the background.  Repeats are effect.  The relief that the eye catchs can be fasinating.  I did a whole cloth quilt once called, "Practice Random Acts of Quilting."  It was fun!  I took my stencils and drew them onto muslin, over lapping designs.  Then quilted different stencil designs with different colors to make them stand out more.  It was every effective!  I got a judge's award in one show for that quilt!  So you do need to play around with the quilting design to enhance the quilt top. 

Bee was fun today!  Got there after having the oil changed in my car and having it checked over.  Got to Joanne's for a quick look around with an extra 1/2 hour between the car service and bee.... butterick pattern's were $1.99.  Which is pretty good considering that patterns are now up to $15.99 and $17.95!  Ouch!  When did those go up so high?  So I only get patterns when there is a sale.  And I don't look through the book because the sale only includes what they have in I just go open the drawers and look through the rows of patterns.  Not a big deal.  They are not in any organized groups in there.  So it does take time, but instead of looking through the book, writing down numbers, go and search for that number only to find, it's out..... just look through the patterns in the drawer...

Bee...oh, yea.... CuPcaKes!!!  Big ones and small ones!  Linda's Birthday and Deb's Birthday!   We have one rule at bee.  1.  If it's your birthday, you bring the cake.     Why??  Because one year, we remembered someone's birthday, but not the next one that came up.  Hurt feelings all around.  So the rule was made.  If you can't remember to bring cake, then it's not anyone's fault buy your own.  If you don't want a big HoooHa, then don't bring cake.  But we are always glad when someone was born, so bring cake!    All the cupcakes were delious and I got some of the little ones to bring home. 

I'm slowly getting my quilt quilted at bee.  I did work on it at the dealership while they worked on my car.  Struck up a conversation with a nice man from Montana.  He and his wife travel alot.  So we traded stories and I gave him my blog address!  Hope he stays in touch!    I want to see a picture of the quilt he was telling me about!  I meet alot of people when I have a quilt out and I'm working.  It's great to hear about family quilts.  If you are not a quilter, then most people have NO idea how many women are out there doing this!  (and a couple of men....)  So it's wonderful to tell them about things. 

Time to go.  Missing is coming on in a few minutes!  I love that show.  And I'm tired after 3 loads of laundry, spraying for bugs around the outside of the house, make dinner, cleaning up, and 1 hour of quilting at home on the customer's quilt....I just want to sit and vegge out! 

Keep quilting!!!  Hi To Tunisia!!!  Patty

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What a day!  I overslept alittle bit.  Not a big deal, but you feel like you are being rushed all day.  Went and worked out.  Came home to bump into Terry at the door while he's leaving to run an errand.  Should have taken a little over an hour, and it took way longer than that.  But I got this quilt top assembled while waiting.

Cute!  The cut up panel went together very well.  Has 2 borders to be added, then I can baste it, and "quilt as desired".  I hate that saying.  But more on that later.

Next, right after we gulped down lunch...see all that railing?  That's about half of the railing on the deck.  We had to stain on the outside!  So Terry was on the ladder and I was on the deck moving the paint tray and had a brush to catch the drips on this side....then, out of bordum from waiting for drips, I stained all along the top of the rail upper part, and the lower one.  It went very fast.  Next time he's home, we will have to do the floor.  Yuck.  It always looks wonderful when it's done.  But we always seem to end up doing this during the heat of the day.....

So that was done, I cleaned up the stuff, and then showered.  Then ate a bag of popcorn and fell asleep.  It was bond to happen.  It was hot out there today.  We just made a run to Home Depot for salt for the watersoftener, and a ladder to put out a window to get out in case of fire.  17 years ago when we bought the house, we figured we could make it out of the bedroom window even though it was up one story.  Not now!  I want a ladder.  And why am I harping on this?  Because not far from my house, a house burnt to the ground!  Terrible looking thing.  The truck is toast, still in the carport.  Family got out ok, but lost about everything.

So if you could grab one or two things, ON THE WAY OUT, what would you grab?  Is it easy to get on the way out?  Better rethink these things.  I don't run as fast or think as quickly, and I'm not going back into the fire.  The young boy was over there, and he said he went back in to the house to get the dog.  Wonderfully, stupid thing to do.  All are ok.  I couldn't possibly grab all my quilts.  I just have too many of them. 

Ok, it's been a strange thinking day.  But quilting is still in progress.  Got things done and checked off.  Car goes in to the shop in the morning for an oil change.  BEEEEEEEis tomorrow!  I need a break from all this work!  It's always good to see the girls. 

I did win the lottery this week...don't quit anything, it was only $4.  But I love getting a number right.  wonder what I would do if I got a bunch of money from the lottery?  Mmmmm?  Another thing to ponder!  don't you love it.  I think about alot of things when I'm quilting.  I have often thought about opening a quilt shop.  But having know many women who have done that....well you don't have any time to do anything else!  So just buy fabric and sit at home with a sharp olfa cutter and have at it! 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ok, you miss a day and wonder what you have been up to?  Cleaning...yuck.  But it has to get done every so often.  Then I have some socks that seem silly to throw out when there's just a small hole on each, so I do darn!  Most people don't have any idea what that is...well, you fix the hole!  Can't find the nice thick cotton mending thread anymore.  So I use quilting thread.  You can see a hole fixed on the toe of the upper left sock. 

Here's my collection of sock darners!  You find them in antique shops now!  The lightest colored one was from a shop in England.  They still fix socks.  In one antique shop, the young girl at the counter said, "oh, you found the masher.".  She thought is was for the kitchen to mash up some kind of food.  Silly girl. 

I also use pool noodles to store my quilts.  Got a couple extra at the $1 store.

Here are some rolled up and covered with sheet "socks".  Twin bed sheets are the right width for fitting on the noodles!  Can make 3 socks out of a flat twin sheet. 
 This is the fabric for the next customer's quilt.  A small wall hanging and I have cut up the panel that is the main attraction.
Here's the cut outs.  They are cute!  The two blocks on the side are hers.  She's not sure what to do with them.  Took an applique class years ago, and the blocks are just sitting.... any ideas?

Any a few...there's no matching fabrics, but I seem to have plenty to dig through!  So I'll get something on paper and let her know!

Got the first Harry Potter movie in... seems when I'm going to be sewing most of the day, I start a movie series.  Then just keep puting one after the other in.  Star Wars is a good one.  But do you start with the first one made or the Number One in the series....?  Not a big deal, I guess.  I only listen to certain parts that I like anyways. 

So I'll chek the laundry and get to quilting.  I have been blog surfing the last 2 or 3 days.  Stumbled across a blog that was new, which listed other blogs on the side....which led to checking them out and starting new favorites lists!  What fun!  Takes time to look through them.  But the fun in seeing others work is great!  You can tell the lastest in colors that are out there.  Not my taste, but the projects are fun.

Now I would like to thank all the people around the world who come to read my blog!  It's fun to check the stats and see where they are!  Russia!  New Zealand!  Places that I had to look up on the world map!  Glad you have you visit!  Would love to have any comments added in to hear what you like to see.  I haven't taken too many pictures of my quilts lately.  That seems to come in spurts. 

In June I'mgoing to visit my sister in NH.  Debating if I should take the putor with me or wait to blog when I get home....

If you really want to do something, You'll find a way.
If you don't, you'll find an excuse. 
So?  Get into it! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here's my Honey!  We watched the latest Tom Cruise movie last night on the big TV.  It was great!  Made popcorn and had a few laughs!  We both had a good time.  Then today, we went for DQ Blizzard!  That's my Mother's day.  I feel funny every year.  My Mom died 2 days before mother's day in 2000.  I had already sent the card.  Then 5 years later, Dad died the end of May.  So I get quiet during May....

I don't know if I have ever shown the spools and what I have made with them.  You wrap them with fabrics and alittle something on the outside,

Then on the inside, you write sayings.  I have been collecting and making up sayings for quite a while now.  Fun to finally use them.  I did have them for sale in a shop.  Had over a dozen stolen.  So I took everything out of the shop.  I'm not making things for free.  Or else I'm going to give them to my friends! 

What are your favorite sayings?  The one from God, "Don't make me come down there."  is a good one! 

This is the quilt that I am currently dragging to bee every week to hand quilt.  I get 2 to 4 little blocks done every week.  So it'll get done soon enough!  I have several to baste, so one thursday, I'll bring one or two to work on at bee where I can push some tables together.  That helps!