Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yesterday started out ok with me.  Had a strange dream that I couldn't get going and get out of the house I was in....and I woke up late.  But I organized alot in the sewing room and bagged up scraps of fabrics to sell at the next Ritzy Thimbles meeting.  Now my scraps go from little pieces to fat quarters that had a square or two cut out of there is alot in each large ziploc bag.

Anyways, I got plenty of quilting done on the current projects.  Then Mike came over and actually forgot the bag of laundry!  So he had to drive back to his apartment and get it.... Dinner and many phone calls from Terry.  He was traveling from New Orleans.  Nothing new, but he is going through Atlanta on Delta now because Continental had gotten soooooo bad after merging with United.  That used to take him through Houston or Memphis...anyways....his flight to Atlanta was slightly late, but the next leg of the flight was delayed.  Then delayed some more, and more and more.  So instead of getting in at 7:44pm.... it was 11:49!  The plane had mechanical troubles at each stop.  You would think they would get another plane!  HELLO?  It wouldn't start.... huh?  It got stuck in Greensboro, NC for hours, then it finally got to Atlanta.  There had been 2 other flights that he could have gotten on, although one filled up... so he was the last flight up from Atlanta.  Maybe they need to have the mechanic travel on the plane!  If an engine won't start, do you think there's a serious problem? 

Ok, so I'm tired today and have a full day that can't be changed around, nor do I want to.  But I'll be dragging my butt to some of it!  Work out, chiropractor, then get Nadia and take her to some fabric shops and the used book store.  Now this will be sweet!  So Terry can have some time to run around and get organized at home.  He usually does that anyways and I just stand back out of the way.  After being together 31 years, we know each other very well.... and it works. 

I'll take my camera and pull it out at shops that will let me. 

As they say in Harry Potter (and yes I love the stories,) I solumnly swear that I'm up to no good. 

Talk to you later!  Patty

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