Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yesterday I spent the day with a long time, great friend, Brenda.  She lives in Maryville (Murvil), and we get to see each other once a month.  She and I went for massages for my birthday present!  Is that a friend or what!  That was wonderful!  There was a bead shop right next door.  Interesting beads there.  Will have to go back and get some.  I do have some beads and have started to add them to my quilted pieces.

Then we went and found the Mountain Creek Quilt Shop in Greenback, TN.  Not far from Maryville on hywy 411.  Nice shop!  Has the wools for making quilted pieces.  The also have nice batiks and the new Stonehenge fabric line.  Of course I got 2 pieces of blue fabrics.... what the heck. 

Then we went and ate Italian food.  I have not been eating pastas for weeks... and have missed it.  After that, it was walking through gift shops, antique stores and general poking around.  I love to wander through places and remember things that we grew up with.  There are some great places to do that in Maryville. 

So yesterday was a day off from everything.  Didn't remember to take my camera.  I think I'd better stick it in my purse for the summer!  I finished putting the velcro bits in the newest purse.  I have switched things over into it.  I included a pocket for a bottle of water.  Seems a neccessity during the summer. 

We are going to Panera's soon for a bagel and meet up with the car club people!  It's just a time to hang out with other great people.  Patty

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