Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What did I do today?  Yucky stuff.  Hemmed up pants.  Which is like asking the chef to wash the dishes...I can't buy pants that fit.  Tried petit which is for shorties...and they are too short by 2".  Regular pants are too long by about 2".  So I get regulars and have to hem them... I used to work in a ladies dress shop doing alterations, and all I realized is that women don't know how to buy clothes.  And clothing manufacturers don't know what the REAL woman's body is shaped like!!!

Job number 2:  shortening fleece socks.  I had 3 pair that fit perfect from 25 years ago.  They finally called it quits.  I had a tough time finding fleece socks this winter, and finally found some.  Ordered 5 or 6 pairs and was thrilled when they came in....until I tried them on.  Same size was ordered... and they were anywheres from 1/4" too long to 3/4" too long!  Even in the same pair from sock to sock!  Terrible construction.  In one pair I had to sew the seam closed and one sock was very tight.  So what do you do?

See?  Different lengths.

I cut them off!  I really had trouble finding them and they arent' that hard to fix.  Just another mending job that takes time....and it's 70 outside, so I wasn't in a hurry to get them all done.  But I want them out of the sewing room!

Fleece doesn't unravel!  Great!!  So you just have to over lap the edges to make a flat seam.  Hardest part is getting it all on your hand down by your thumb.

You go in sideways and come straight down from where the needle came through the previous time.  So there will be some "give" to it in the shoe.  Fleece is very easy to sew through.... just can't do this by machine...

And here's the sock all sewn up.  Kind of looks like a muppet before you add eyes and nose!  So that's ready for next winter.  Now I have to put them away so I can find them when the weather goes cold again!

I made myself get this stuff done.  I also cut up a few t shirts that needed to get out of the drawers.  I have so many cut out that I need to do another shirt quilt.  It goes on the list.  NOW I can finally get to the playful stuff even thought it's 2:45pm... Just need another piece of chocolate to get a nice flavor in my mouth and I can quilt for a while. 

I could have done some gardening.....nay.  Maybe later this week. 

Some of the best things in life are total mistakes!

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