Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Want to see some quilts?!  Nadia was over and she took pictures of my quilts and me... so here's some today, and some the next few days!  This one is "High Flying" by the Out of Towners.  We don't work together anymore.  After 10 to 12 years, Candace moved to Florida.  So we divided up the quilts.  This is the one I got to keep.  I love it.  I did all the hand quilting on it.  Very traditional.  Longer story than I care to write, so ask me and I'll write it up one day!

My design!  "Ocean Dance".  Hawaiian style about 42" square.  I love the colors of this one!  Also loved the ocean, and had to make something about it.....

This is "Puddle Jump", a miniature of Ocean Dance.  Love that one....

A Hawaiian Pattern, and I don't remember the name and never put a tag on it.  So it hasn't been in any shows.  There are plenty around here that no one has seen!

And another Hawaiian one... also a pattern I got.  Have to embroidare in the pestals on each flower.... I have this one all quilted up.  I also cut this out in blue on light gray.  Which I think is more stunning, BUT if you enter this one in a show, it's more likely to catch the judges's eyes because the colors are brighter.

This one I did a very long time ago and entered it in the Indiana Heritage show the first time they ever had an "art" catagory.  I got terrible comments from the judge, who obviously had only judged traditional quilts.  The comment that sticks in my craw was "outside borders should all be the same size."  Can she not tell that it's supposed to be a central panel and two side ones?  Duh.  So I have never entered that show again. 

This is "Color Inside the Lines."  I started with a black rectangle of fabric and slashed across it.  Then added a line of color.  Then did that again and again, until all those lines were in it.  The edges were uneven, which I loved!  So I just put the binding on it and left it.  It's been in exhibits but not shows. 

I have had alot of fun with Nadia!  I wish she didn't live in another country so far away!  I'm going to her lecture next monday at a library down on campus (not the big library, another one....)  Then she leaves on the 17th.... I love her work.  So check out and see what she makes!

Happy quilting!  Patty

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