Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, April 6, 2012

This was yesterday at bee!  Nadia brought her quilts so we could look at them some more.  I helped hold them up at the guild meeting, so I didn't get to look at them as much as I wanted to!  She has a lot of raw edges, piecing and applique.  Thread painting and machine quilting.  Front and .....

the back!  Love this side too. 

This is pieced borders and raw edge applique.  They don't have fabric shops over there, so she gets clothing from market days, thrift stores, and other places like that in order to make quilts.  So you work with what you find!

This is the back.  You have to use up things, but I think it is way more interesting than just putting on a full backing.  Mmmm?  Need to remember this when it's time to baste the next time!

Love this one!  The background was basically log cabin blocks and crazy quilt blocks done on paper foundation.  The large triangles were strips done on large pieces of newprint, then cut into the triangles.  Very clever.

Again, done on large pieces of paper, she did the black strips first, then worked the red layers over that.  There is some reverse applique in there. 

This is pieces of clothing cut up, then she drew the flowers on and redrew with a sharpie pen!  Stitched over that with the back thread and thread painted the flowers. 

More of the same techniques! 

It opens your eyes when you see other people doing what ever they come up with.  You don't have to follow "rules", you can make them up as you go.  Sometimes NOT knowing things makes it easier to try stuff.  Remember.....if it's your own design, there are no mistakes!  Only creative decisions!

Keep playing!  If you don't cut up that fabric you have, then it's going to get left behind!  Who knows what will happen to it!  So get it out and start cutting!!!

Patty's 11:40am.  Still havent' figured out how to change the stupid clock on this site.

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