Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

This was the PCA start of the drive out today!  10 cars showed up to drive up to Crossville.  Beautiful weather and great friends! 

Terry was home, so we went!  I drove there and he drove back.  It's so much fun to drive those cars!!!

So these are some pictures from Bee.  This is Tone in her felted vest that she made.  We bring things to Thursday Bee to show and tell, and feed off each others' creativity! 

I'm sitting and quilting on another one that has waited patiently to get done.  I have so many to hand quilt it isn't funny any more.  Diane is knitting, and Deb is sewing on buttons onto a smaller piece made from leftovers.

Diane appliquing a tucan.! 

Allison with her current work.

Sheila with felt and embroidary.  Too cute.

Deb with more leftovers!  Love the bright colors!

Sandy has her bag that she made.  She's really gettin alot done lately!

this is Linda with the quilt that she had in the last show.  Love the bees.  All hand quilted. 

I don't know why I didn't post on the 13th.  Just got away from me!  Tomorrow we don't have any plans!  YEA!  Need a few more days like that.  I did love the drive out today.  Guess that's my second favorite thing to do. 

I'm trying to get things done on the table.  When the one is done in the frame, I will have to move it to the table to work out to the edge and put the binding on.  It's hard to clear it off after a while.  Things start putting out roots and they don't want to go anywhere.  All the fabric sitting on the end,  well there's no room in the fabric places to put that in... ?  Now what.

Ah well, I can stack it on the other table until I can either play with it again, or find space.... Need more space.... to boldly go....nay.  that's been taken. 

So here's one of my favorite sayings from the list.  "Don't mistake endurance for hospitality."  Cross that on a pillow and put it in a guest bedroom! 



  1. I forgot how much I liked that endurance quote. I need to get it made up fast to hang when Robyn and family move in. Lol

  2. Fun to see what I've missed at bee. Thanks.