Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sorry this is so late!  I have had 2 quiet days at home.  Not feeling great, but not bad enough to go to bed.  So I would sit for a while, then quilt alittle bit.  Then sit and eat chicken soup, then quilt, then sit.  So I did get to vacuum today.  Bleck.  But there were so many threads crawling out of the sewing room, I had to attack. 

I have been working on 2 challenges.  Those to me are just fun waiting to happen.  You try a new idea and stretch yourself.  Then after dinner, I started cutting the second one out and have spend hours in here having fun.  But it's also why there won't be pictures of those!  I'm usually not very good at keeping a in the spirit of challenges, I'm not showing those until they are due!  One is due in November, and the other in the end of December.... I'll probably burst by then!  But I'm just getting started.   

Most people will think about their idea until a day or two before the challenge is due.  I get into it and can't wait.  Not only that, but if I don't start it, I'll probably forget about it! 

Time to go to bed... I'm bushed.   Will start this week tomorrow.  Forgot about the holiday thing.  Kind of hard to remember it when Terry's on a rig and no kids around.  So I did get some candy....

Happy Easter, Y'all!  Patty

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  1. I bought fabric for the monochromatic challenge due in November. Using a traditional pattern I had bought but didn't know what fabric to use for it. Bigger pieces than I usually use, but then it will get DONE in time for the challenge.