Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rhoderdeanderandssss in bloom. No I can't spell, but I love these.  They jumped out yesterday and today.  Cool weather made a difference.

The posies are full and gone on this bunch.  The bunch next to them haven't opened up yet.

These I call Pinks.... don't know if that is the real name or not.... But this color is wonderful outside.

Terry is busy washing all the cars.  Mine looks gorgeous now!

And I have quilted on this one!  2 more sides to work out to the edge, then the binding... I'll get it done sometime next week, I think. 

This is the back of another.  I'm not putting on binding, but facing.  So this is the progress of that step.  Sew and pin and sew some more.  You have a clean edge on the front with no binding showing. 

Challenges are fun.  These two that I'm doing, I want to hold off before showing them.  They will be in contests and I don't want to tip off what I am making.... Just more of a surprise the day of reveal. 

Terry and I had a good day of driving down to Chattanooga to get his pass that he needed to replace.  We had a great lunch out at a place called J. Alexanders.  Very, very nice.  Then a drive back on highway 58.  If I could have found the quilt shop in Soddy Daisy, I would have....but I didn't do my looking up before the trip, so we probably went right past it!  Another day.  That road was really fun to drive and not alot of traffic. 

Got to go and either eat or work, or work and eat... just need to put my feet up and decide!  Somedays are like that.  Tomorrow is errands, and BEE!!! 

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