Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ok!  Been busy around here!  I have a class to teach this Saturday April 28th, in Oak Ridge at the Civic Center!  It's 9-Patch Pizzazz.  Through the Ritzy Thimbles guild.  Getting organized!  It's almost full!  So if you would like to take it, sign up through Cora Nappo, or email me and I'll send the info to do that.  $20 for an all day class, and pot luck lunch!  The sheep quilt that I did is using that method!  So quilts just turn out fun!

The second class I will be teaching is Saturday, May 19th at "It's sew Mary Jane's Shop" on Maynardville Pike.  $40 for an all day class on using Curved Piecing on a vest!  You use your vest pattern and we do a quick curved pieced vest!  Lots of fun!  Also I will show you a quick way to finish the vest!  Call the shop and go sign up  865-377-4056. 

That's the information.  I'm looking forward to getting everyone's creativity going!  The 9 patch class, I also show how to get blocks that are all different sizes to work together! 

I got in another quilt to work on.  It's an Irish chain and the squares are all 1" big.  Beautiful!  Not a large quilt, but so much work in it already.  It's basted and ready to quilt.  I'm looking forward to working on that one. 

Ready to sew the binding onto the flannel one, then I can tell that person it's done!  Love that feeling.  It's difficult to send them off.  Like letting a child go.  But I can't keep them all.  They all go to great homes. 

Also sewed the rest of the challenge top together.  Need to find some backing and baste that up.  Then I had a great phone call from a man who has 4 quilt tops that are family made and not quilted.  Very traditional quilt tops.  He's going to bring them up when he gets a day to do this.  Can't wait to see these!  I do love the old quilts.  They need to get finished.

Last night was the guild meeting in Oak Ridge, we did the yardsale thing!  Great.  I always buy more than I sell, but that's ok!  SMQ's July meeting does the yardsale thing too, so I'll try to sell more then.  Also have more time to dig out stuff to take!  Tomorrow is the Norris guild meeting!  Love all these guild!  I get to see more show and tell!  Then next week is the SMQ meeting. 

So pictures some other time... just been trying to keep up with the sewing.  Didn't sew for 4 days.  Felt like I hadn't eaten!  I'm trying to get back in here and quilt!!!

The ultimaate inspiration is the deadline...


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