Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Next one in for a customer!  Irish chain done with postage stamp sized pieces!  They are 1" squares.  Machine pieced, it's basted, ready to quilt.  I will mark different designs in the white part and stitch in the ditch.  Lots of work.  I think it measured 56" x 65.  Not real big, but way back when...the children's beds were much smaller.  That's what I think it might have been the meant use.

Here's the flannel one just before I sewed on the binding.....

And, TA-DA!  It's all done!  Just used the lint roller on it.  Takes up my whole design wall!  I love this one!

Here's a shot from a different angle so you can see the border all around it.  I love the colors and the soft flannels.  I think this was a kit that is sold through Keepsake quilting.  Fabrics are top quality.  got to be carefully with your cutting.  The fabrics are just enough, so no room for mistakes or miscutting. 

I think you can see the quilting lines.  Straight lines at different angles for effect around the design.  It's very hard to mark on flannel, so I use masking tape as I go along.  Just quilt beside the tapes.  The flannel fuzzies stick to the tape pieces, so you do go through alot of tape.  But you don't have lines to remove later. 

I'm getting ready to teach the class this Saturday!  Should be alot of fun.  The women are very creative and looking for a different way to set blocks together.  We'll have a good time!

I was in the basement for a while this morning.  One of the ruthless storms came over with 60 mile an hour winds and lighting.  Just don't like those nor do I trust those winds!  We don't have many trees left close to the house, but why take the chance!  The neighbors magnolia leaves are all over the driveway, so I'll have alittle clean up later.  No trees down.  I did unplug every thing I could around here.  Power is out in Knoxville in some places.  I'm ready for the storms to stop. 

Bee today.  Rain should subside for a while.  Need a good laugh. 

Once upon a time, there was an amazing woman...(now you can finish the story!)

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