Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mammaw's Thimble Shop is great!  Nadia and I made that our first stop last Wednesday!  There's Vivian, the owner.  She has over 10,000 bolts of fabric there!  Wow!  And, she's going to rent out the part of the building right next to hers and have class rooms and more fabric!!!!  OMG!  You should go and check out that place!!!

This is Nadia's great coat!  The blue is silk, which is why it shines so nicely.  Love the applique.

This is a wall hanging that Nadia made... the two pens are all french knots!  Absolutely wonderful!  The words on the left are in English.  They are written from left to right.  The words on the right are in Arabic, written right to left!  The reverse of the pens was really well done.  Love the knots.

OK!  Then we came back to my house after bee, and went through the closet with my coats, vests and other clothing pieces... This is the Hawaiian coat.  Not that you really need coats there, but I did the applique cut out like a snowflake when I cut it out.  Needle turned the applique.  3-D flowers with beaded centers was added on.  Just had fun with this coat.

Here's the front.  You really can't miss me in a crowd...Unless they are all quilters.

My favorite winter coat that I did wear for 6 winters.  Hat too, and the purse wore out, and I don't know where it is.

Front my sloppy fun sewing room.  Plenty of projects going on.....

This coat took me the longest time to make.  Over a month.  Do not cut pieces 1 1/2" wide.  It just takes forever to piece it!  I did handquilt it.  Has prarie points, which when I wear this coat, someone alway comes along and starts to feel those....

This is a lussious velvit coat that feels like you are wearing a teddy bear.  Sooooo soft and warm.  All leftover parts and pieces of velvits that I had collected.

A batik coat with a dragon panel on the back.

We had plenty of fun looking at things.  Never did get through all the quilts in the second room.!  She'll have to come back the next time she's in the country.  She got up here 3 times.... I just have too much stuff!

I quilted today on the one in the frame.  I'm in the last corner!  So very soon it will be off the frame, and I'll quilt out to the edge and get the binding on. 

There are two books by James C. Christensen that are wonderfully illistrated.  I go through those when I was my imagination to get carried away.  "The Voyage of the Basset" and "A Journey of the Inagination."  Worth finding and looking at! 

Here's a twist on a quote I heard somewhere...
"She can make a dress that screams "fairy dust" in 5 minutes, give her 10 and stand back!"


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