Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I missed a couple of days on the blog!  So what was going on?  Hail and storms like you wouldn't believe!  Truck has some "pings" in it now.  Rats.  Don't like that, but it comes down so quickly, that even if we could get it under some protection, there isn't any time.  This picture is of the new car with Terry right there.  Love the color of this car! 

Monday Terry had to leave around 1pm to go back to work.  That morning they sent him paperwork to prove that he was out on medical leave to get the gall bladder out.  They had waited 4 weeks for the paper work to get going.  So we were running around like nuts all day. 

Tuesday, I picked up Nadia and we spent the day driving around from one quilt shop to another and a few other places inbetween.  Then that night, was dinner with the girls and the guild meeting.  Nadia brought her quilts to show at the meeting!  I'll get pictures tomorrow at bee!  I was busy holding them up and walking them around.

So this is what the guild was doing!  Zentangles!  I called it doodling in school.  I used to do pages of this stuff.  My dad saw them one day and got mad.  Thought it was a waste of time and paper!  It wouldn't lead to anything.  Now this woman had about a dozen books on how to do zentangles.  It was interesting how we all got the same instructions from her and you can see how different each person's card ended up!

It is fun.  I usually end up doodling on the phone calls that I have.  Mom was doing that once with some one waiting to talk to her.  He had something to do with reading what people doodled or wrote while thinking of other things.  He said that doodling while on the phone was a good sign of an organized mind.  So get out there and doodle, or zentangle....

Here's the front garden with the hail in it from the other day.  The biggest pieces were just larger than a quarter.

I'm setting up to teach a class at Sew Mary Jane's Shop.  Either May 19th or 26.  Which ever day has the most people sign up.  I'll teach the curved pieced Vest class.  A technique that you can use in a quilt or on clothing.  So call them to sign up.  865 377 4056.  She has the supply list.

I haven't sewn in days, so that's where I'm headed now!  Need to play with fabric!  We picked out our spool of thread for the color for the challenge.  I got a nice dark green!  This will be fun!

"Plan to be surprised". 

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