Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I find quilts when I go on a trip!  In small museums, you can find some interesting ones!  Love the block designs on this older one. 

This pineapple is different from any others I have seen!

I love the appliqued flowers.  All hand done.

this one is in a resturant in Wartburg.  It is machine quilted, but very pretty.  They have a growing group of quilters.  They gave me a list of all that will be going on up there....(now where did that end up?)

This was in the little museum over the end of the bed.  Nice strippy quilt.

couldn't resist these listings of things to fix in the kitchen....

Just in case you need to dry apples to keep for the winter.

Many, many buildings have the quilt designs on them now.  I should have taken more pictures of them, but you just don't know when y ou will be going past them.  So I only got this one out of about 30 that we saw!

Love these little sewing machines!  But they don't realize that some women used these on a regular basis.  They were not for children.  But they could be taken across country and helped make clothing faster.

There's Terry by Cumberland Falls.  After Nigara Falls, this is the next biggest one in the USA.

This is one shot inside the cave!  It was huge.  You can see a couple of people just down in there.  I didn't use a flash so it's hard to hold the camera really still for a long time.

We did see the train cars at L&N station in Bowling Green.  Pretty cool.

Another shot in the caves at Mammoth caves.  There is over 393 MILES of caves there!  Too cool.  Loved going on a tour of some of it.  Could go back several times.  It was a rainy day outside, so pretty nice inside.  Actually warmer inside that day too.

So I'm back.  Terry leaves tomorrow, and the Ritzy Thimbles meets tomorrow night.  They have their "yardsale" night.  So I have a bunch of stuff to drag inthere.  Need to clear out alot of things that I'm not using anymore. 

It was great to have a few days of driving around and seeing a few different places.  Got to a couple of little museums too.  Those smaller places are packed with stuff that volunteers put together.  Not sure when the next "vacation" will happen.  But these short ones are a lot of fun. 


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