Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Here's a "top" to the purse I made.  The zipper was a good idea, but it really restricted the size of the opening.  And I carry alot of junk!

This was the start of the tulip bag. 

Now I put on a casing with a draw string.  Can open it all the way up and have a large opening.  When I draw the strip closed, it keeps things in there.  The added height will be helpful when I end up shoving more stuff inside... and I do that on a regular basis.  It beats carrying around more bags of stuff!

This is an older wall hanging that was dug out and I put it back up in the living room.  "Almost Amish" was designed around the tie-dye in the middle.  Couldn't cut that up.  And since I feel off kilter most of the time, this ended up that way.  My Dad always wanted that middle block straightened up.  Nay.... The yellow stripes are different wideths, and other things are not even.  Is life?  Nay.  It's all hand quilted, polyester batting. 

Been working all afternoon in the sewing room.  More done on the one in the frame.  Then fixed the purses.  Trying to get organized for the class I'll be teaching later this month.  Terry comes home tomorrow, so there is other stuff that has to be picked up.  Tomorrow morning will be phone call day.  Yuck.  Have to set myself up to get answers from certain companies!  You all have been there, I'm sure.... go through the computers that answer and you push buttons until you FINALLY get a real person.... and then you have to give them all the information you already gave the computor.  Then you start in on your story... So I"m saving it all for one day. 

Weather has been beautiful!  Go out and sit for 10 minutes and listen to the birds!  Then get back to the fabric stuff!  Patty

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