Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Class was a blast!  The women were gun-ho on trying this technique and they all did really well.  I took pictures, but looking through them, I didn't get them all.  So here's some of the quilts as people were working.

A couple of people had blocks from drawings that they wanted to put together.  Very interesting combinations working out well.

We had flannel backed table cloths taped to the windows for design walls.  It did make it tough to see the  fabrics when the sun was shining through!

This is a panel that was cut apart and redesigned.  Wonderful women at the beach!  Just so clever.  Now she knows what to do with panels!

First one all sewn together!  Bright Great colors!

Wild animals!  The colors were so strong!  I did love the blue getting added to it!

The colors were much brighter than in this picture.  The strips added dimention to the design. 

The birds were another panel that was cut apart and redone with extra fabrics!  She had great color flow in it.

Beautiful peacocks!  Some people were going to make large quilts.  They were going to have to finish at home.  It was great to see this coming together.

this is the most difficult color combination.  Her granddaughter wants pastels, with horses.  We were getting it organized and I think she'll  have an interesting design.  Also made pinwheel blocks to fit in there.  Added creative points!

The sheep blocks were from a panel!  I did that  first, and she found a panel for herself!  Love the sheep!

The floral print was vibrant!  She added the green that put in more to it!  This was the first time she ever made 9 patchs!  Wonderful to see people trying new things. 

All these women got in there and were sewing like crazy all day!  I kept going from person to person to help with the color arrangement and how to put it all together.  They are fantastic at this and there's not doubt in my mind that there will be beautiful quilts coming out of and later.  It is an easy technique that you can use in so many ways to help make quilts that are different from anyone elses.  9Patch Pizzazz! 

So now I'm home, ate, put my feet up after being on them all day.  I have a big smile on my face!  I love playing with fabric and colors all day!  Food was great too!  Tomorrow, is laundry, mending, hemming, and putting things away from the class...

I had a great time!

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  1. So did I Patty- thank you for sharing your talent and time