Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What did I do today?  Yucky stuff.  Hemmed up pants.  Which is like asking the chef to wash the dishes...I can't buy pants that fit.  Tried petit which is for shorties...and they are too short by 2".  Regular pants are too long by about 2".  So I get regulars and have to hem them... I used to work in a ladies dress shop doing alterations, and all I realized is that women don't know how to buy clothes.  And clothing manufacturers don't know what the REAL woman's body is shaped like!!!

Job number 2:  shortening fleece socks.  I had 3 pair that fit perfect from 25 years ago.  They finally called it quits.  I had a tough time finding fleece socks this winter, and finally found some.  Ordered 5 or 6 pairs and was thrilled when they came in....until I tried them on.  Same size was ordered... and they were anywheres from 1/4" too long to 3/4" too long!  Even in the same pair from sock to sock!  Terrible construction.  In one pair I had to sew the seam closed and one sock was very tight.  So what do you do?

See?  Different lengths.

I cut them off!  I really had trouble finding them and they arent' that hard to fix.  Just another mending job that takes time....and it's 70 outside, so I wasn't in a hurry to get them all done.  But I want them out of the sewing room!

Fleece doesn't unravel!  Great!!  So you just have to over lap the edges to make a flat seam.  Hardest part is getting it all on your hand down by your thumb.

You go in sideways and come straight down from where the needle came through the previous time.  So there will be some "give" to it in the shoe.  Fleece is very easy to sew through.... just can't do this by machine...

And here's the sock all sewn up.  Kind of looks like a muppet before you add eyes and nose!  So that's ready for next winter.  Now I have to put them away so I can find them when the weather goes cold again!

I made myself get this stuff done.  I also cut up a few t shirts that needed to get out of the drawers.  I have so many cut out that I need to do another shirt quilt.  It goes on the list.  NOW I can finally get to the playful stuff even thought it's 2:45pm... Just need another piece of chocolate to get a nice flavor in my mouth and I can quilt for a while. 

I could have done some gardening.....nay.  Maybe later this week. 

Some of the best things in life are total mistakes!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Class was a blast!  The women were gun-ho on trying this technique and they all did really well.  I took pictures, but looking through them, I didn't get them all.  So here's some of the quilts as people were working.

A couple of people had blocks from drawings that they wanted to put together.  Very interesting combinations working out well.

We had flannel backed table cloths taped to the windows for design walls.  It did make it tough to see the  fabrics when the sun was shining through!

This is a panel that was cut apart and redesigned.  Wonderful women at the beach!  Just so clever.  Now she knows what to do with panels!

First one all sewn together!  Bright Great colors!

Wild animals!  The colors were so strong!  I did love the blue getting added to it!

The colors were much brighter than in this picture.  The strips added dimention to the design. 

The birds were another panel that was cut apart and redone with extra fabrics!  She had great color flow in it.

Beautiful peacocks!  Some people were going to make large quilts.  They were going to have to finish at home.  It was great to see this coming together.

this is the most difficult color combination.  Her granddaughter wants pastels, with horses.  We were getting it organized and I think she'll  have an interesting design.  Also made pinwheel blocks to fit in there.  Added creative points!

The sheep blocks were from a panel!  I did that  first, and she found a panel for herself!  Love the sheep!

The floral print was vibrant!  She added the green that put in more to it!  This was the first time she ever made 9 patchs!  Wonderful to see people trying new things. 

All these women got in there and were sewing like crazy all day!  I kept going from person to person to help with the color arrangement and how to put it all together.  They are fantastic at this and there's not doubt in my mind that there will be beautiful quilts coming out of and later.  It is an easy technique that you can use in so many ways to help make quilts that are different from anyone elses.  9Patch Pizzazz! 

So now I'm home, ate, put my feet up after being on them all day.  I have a big smile on my face!  I love playing with fabric and colors all day!  Food was great too!  Tomorrow, is laundry, mending, hemming, and putting things away from the class...

I had a great time!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Next one in for a customer!  Irish chain done with postage stamp sized pieces!  They are 1" squares.  Machine pieced, it's basted, ready to quilt.  I will mark different designs in the white part and stitch in the ditch.  Lots of work.  I think it measured 56" x 65.  Not real big, but way back when...the children's beds were much smaller.  That's what I think it might have been the meant use.

Here's the flannel one just before I sewed on the binding.....

And, TA-DA!  It's all done!  Just used the lint roller on it.  Takes up my whole design wall!  I love this one!

Here's a shot from a different angle so you can see the border all around it.  I love the colors and the soft flannels.  I think this was a kit that is sold through Keepsake quilting.  Fabrics are top quality.  got to be carefully with your cutting.  The fabrics are just enough, so no room for mistakes or miscutting. 

I think you can see the quilting lines.  Straight lines at different angles for effect around the design.  It's very hard to mark on flannel, so I use masking tape as I go along.  Just quilt beside the tapes.  The flannel fuzzies stick to the tape pieces, so you do go through alot of tape.  But you don't have lines to remove later. 

I'm getting ready to teach the class this Saturday!  Should be alot of fun.  The women are very creative and looking for a different way to set blocks together.  We'll have a good time!

I was in the basement for a while this morning.  One of the ruthless storms came over with 60 mile an hour winds and lighting.  Just don't like those nor do I trust those winds!  We don't have many trees left close to the house, but why take the chance!  The neighbors magnolia leaves are all over the driveway, so I'll have alittle clean up later.  No trees down.  I did unplug every thing I could around here.  Power is out in Knoxville in some places.  I'm ready for the storms to stop. 

Bee today.  Rain should subside for a while.  Need a good laugh. 

Once upon a time, there was an amazing woman...(now you can finish the story!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Went to the Bits and Pieces guild meeting today!  Saw how to do Celtic quilt designs!  Very interesting!  Need a couple of new tools for that!  Signed up to be a member of that guild.  They do a small quilt show every July 4th in Norris.  So I'll have fun.  I always go over there for the 4th celebration.  It's like stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting!  Kids on bikes having races, slip and slide on the hillside, fresh pies for sale, and books from the library.  Just alot of fun. 

Almost have the binding on this flannel quilt.  then I'll hang it on the wall tomorrow and take pictures.  I was stitching it until I went to the meeting and forgot to eat lunch! 

Later today the rain came barreling up the hill.  Lasted about 1/2 hour and left me with a head ache.  Haven't been able to concentrate on anything since then.  I'd eat chocolate, but then I know I wouldn't sleep much later.  So it's off to watch tv, then fall asleep. 

Enjoy the little things so you will know how to love the big things!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ok!  Been busy around here!  I have a class to teach this Saturday April 28th, in Oak Ridge at the Civic Center!  It's 9-Patch Pizzazz.  Through the Ritzy Thimbles guild.  Getting organized!  It's almost full!  So if you would like to take it, sign up through Cora Nappo, or email me and I'll send the info to do that.  $20 for an all day class, and pot luck lunch!  The sheep quilt that I did is using that method!  So quilts just turn out fun!

The second class I will be teaching is Saturday, May 19th at "It's sew Mary Jane's Shop" on Maynardville Pike.  $40 for an all day class on using Curved Piecing on a vest!  You use your vest pattern and we do a quick curved pieced vest!  Lots of fun!  Also I will show you a quick way to finish the vest!  Call the shop and go sign up  865-377-4056. 

That's the information.  I'm looking forward to getting everyone's creativity going!  The 9 patch class, I also show how to get blocks that are all different sizes to work together! 

I got in another quilt to work on.  It's an Irish chain and the squares are all 1" big.  Beautiful!  Not a large quilt, but so much work in it already.  It's basted and ready to quilt.  I'm looking forward to working on that one. 

Ready to sew the binding onto the flannel one, then I can tell that person it's done!  Love that feeling.  It's difficult to send them off.  Like letting a child go.  But I can't keep them all.  They all go to great homes. 

Also sewed the rest of the challenge top together.  Need to find some backing and baste that up.  Then I had a great phone call from a man who has 4 quilt tops that are family made and not quilted.  Very traditional quilt tops.  He's going to bring them up when he gets a day to do this.  Can't wait to see these!  I do love the old quilts.  They need to get finished.

Last night was the guild meeting in Oak Ridge, we did the yardsale thing!  Great.  I always buy more than I sell, but that's ok!  SMQ's July meeting does the yardsale thing too, so I'll try to sell more then.  Also have more time to dig out stuff to take!  Tomorrow is the Norris guild meeting!  Love all these guild!  I get to see more show and tell!  Then next week is the SMQ meeting. 

So pictures some other time... just been trying to keep up with the sewing.  Didn't sew for 4 days.  Felt like I hadn't eaten!  I'm trying to get back in here and quilt!!!

The ultimaate inspiration is the deadline...


Sunday, April 22, 2012

I find quilts when I go on a trip!  In small museums, you can find some interesting ones!  Love the block designs on this older one. 

This pineapple is different from any others I have seen!

I love the appliqued flowers.  All hand done.

this one is in a resturant in Wartburg.  It is machine quilted, but very pretty.  They have a growing group of quilters.  They gave me a list of all that will be going on up there....(now where did that end up?)

This was in the little museum over the end of the bed.  Nice strippy quilt.

couldn't resist these listings of things to fix in the kitchen....

Just in case you need to dry apples to keep for the winter.

Many, many buildings have the quilt designs on them now.  I should have taken more pictures of them, but you just don't know when y ou will be going past them.  So I only got this one out of about 30 that we saw!

Love these little sewing machines!  But they don't realize that some women used these on a regular basis.  They were not for children.  But they could be taken across country and helped make clothing faster.

There's Terry by Cumberland Falls.  After Nigara Falls, this is the next biggest one in the USA.

This is one shot inside the cave!  It was huge.  You can see a couple of people just down in there.  I didn't use a flash so it's hard to hold the camera really still for a long time.

We did see the train cars at L&N station in Bowling Green.  Pretty cool.

Another shot in the caves at Mammoth caves.  There is over 393 MILES of caves there!  Too cool.  Loved going on a tour of some of it.  Could go back several times.  It was a rainy day outside, so pretty nice inside.  Actually warmer inside that day too.

So I'm back.  Terry leaves tomorrow, and the Ritzy Thimbles meets tomorrow night.  They have their "yardsale" night.  So I have a bunch of stuff to drag inthere.  Need to clear out alot of things that I'm not using anymore. 

It was great to have a few days of driving around and seeing a few different places.  Got to a couple of little museums too.  Those smaller places are packed with stuff that volunteers put together.  Not sure when the next "vacation" will happen.  But these short ones are a lot of fun. 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

No pictures today...sorry about that. 

I have almost finished quilting the flannel one. !  And have the basic wallhanging done for the challenge due later this year.  So I can start to embellish that.  The challenge for SMQ is half pieced together.  Quite a ways to go on that one.  The sewing room looks like a bad wind storm went through.  Don't know why it is such a mess.  But that will have to get picked up so I can keep this weekend there may not be too many posts. 

Bleck to housework.  "This is where the magic happens"!  (Love that sign.)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rhoderdeanderandssss in bloom. No I can't spell, but I love these.  They jumped out yesterday and today.  Cool weather made a difference.

The posies are full and gone on this bunch.  The bunch next to them haven't opened up yet.

These I call Pinks.... don't know if that is the real name or not.... But this color is wonderful outside.

Terry is busy washing all the cars.  Mine looks gorgeous now!

And I have quilted on this one!  2 more sides to work out to the edge, then the binding... I'll get it done sometime next week, I think. 

This is the back of another.  I'm not putting on binding, but facing.  So this is the progress of that step.  Sew and pin and sew some more.  You have a clean edge on the front with no binding showing. 

Challenges are fun.  These two that I'm doing, I want to hold off before showing them.  They will be in contests and I don't want to tip off what I am making.... Just more of a surprise the day of reveal. 

Terry and I had a good day of driving down to Chattanooga to get his pass that he needed to replace.  We had a great lunch out at a place called J. Alexanders.  Very, very nice.  Then a drive back on highway 58.  If I could have found the quilt shop in Soddy Daisy, I would have....but I didn't do my looking up before the trip, so we probably went right past it!  Another day.  That road was really fun to drive and not alot of traffic. 

Got to go and either eat or work, or work and eat... just need to put my feet up and decide!  Somedays are like that.  Tomorrow is errands, and BEE!!! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Missed a day or two of blogging.  So maybe I was in fantasy land again... This is the tutu I made after seeing the one that Nellie made for her granddaughter.  You fold up the tulle netting and take apart flowers, put the pieces into the folds, and they move around when you dance.  Do I wear this?  Yes, I do.  Not "in public" as my son would say.  But to the July ice cream social at the guild meetings.  Whatever.  If you can't laugh at yourself, what fun are you having?!

It's been busy around here and not neccessarily creatively.  I did get the one out of the frame and onto the table to finish quilting out to the edge.  So the one on the table had to get done enough to move out of the way and still be in a spot in construction that I could move it.  So there was work, but not exciting..... sometimes that's the most you can hope for.  Progress is not always pretty or fun.  Like binding.  Not the most fun.  So?  What different ways do you finish the edges?  Nellie puts yarn on the edges of her pieces.  Looks really cool.  I have tried it a couple of times.  I'm not as steady at putting it on, so mine look wonky in places.  Kind of goes with my outfits?!

Saw Nadia at her lecture last night and had dinner out with her and a couple of friends.  She leaves tomorrow to go up to the Northwest and eventually, back to Tunisia.  So she said she would update the blog when she gets home and sorts through weeks of pictures.  Look for that at 

Well I better get the day started!  It's a work day at home!  YEA!  Love these!  Throw the laundry into the dryer and get busy playing.  Patty

The ultimate inspiration is the deadline!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dragons belong on coats.  Everytime I have made a coat with dragons on it, it has done well in a show.  I think it's because I have so much fun making those, that I do a better job, and have more detail....

The batiked panels are fun to play with.  I have another that is so long, it'll have to be on a wall hanging or a very long cape.  Once I find it in my stuff again, I'll play with it!

This is Nadia's.  I don't remember which quilts I have put up here, and I want to make sure you see them.  I love her way of putting things together.  Some structure, and alot of playfulness.

The colors in this were so vivid and striking.

This is a work in progress.  She draws on the flower in pencil, then goes over it with a sharpie, then embroidares over that.

This is Deb's Curved Cats!  Just FUN!

And here's one she's sewing the buttons on.  This was made from leftovers from another project.  You can always make something from the end pieces. 

This is Sandy's bag.  I couldn't find this picture the other day.  She's having fun trying different techniques.

Another one of Nadia's.  Love the free motion quilting.

Sandy's dolphins are almost appliqued down in this picture.  I think it is done now, and she'll decide on what to quilt.

This is one of Tone's felted pieces!  Wonderful!  She's not afraid to try new techniques and have fun with them! 

So I have the day to quilt, go for a coffee at Books a Million, and quilt some more!  Waiting for the sunday paper to show up.  Later than usual today!  Need my large Sudoku puzzle.  Those are fun. 

Remember:  It'll quilt out.