Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working on the borders.  Kind of like this arrangement.  Haven't sewn any of it yet.  Need to look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes in the morning to see if there is anything I want to redo.  Then I have to cut in the circles and piece them.  Yes, piece.  Not hard at all.  Then you have more smaller circles, and I may just applique those on in there, somewhere!

What a nice day out there!  Almost felt like doing some weeding or something.  I did go for a walk with Terry for about an hour!  He's better.  I can barely keep up with him.  He had the surgery on friday.  Not even a week and he's happy!  Thanks to everyone at the Methodist Hospital!  Great people over there!

Bee tomorrow.  Love it!  Need it!  Quilt show going on in Pigeon Forge.  Don't go up there to that one much any more.  Mmmm?  Too many dislikes with that one. 

Smoky Mountain Quilt show on the 22 - 25.  Should be a great show!  I will be down there on Sunday to see it and stay to pick up my quilts.  I entered 5.  Not alot for me actually when you think about how many I make a year.  There are some fantastic quilters in the guild, and others who send in their quilts.  Y'all come see!

I  have been working more on the flannel one in the frame.  It's big so it doesn't look like much progress, but you have to keep at them or they don't get done!  So many of mine are waiting for me.  Not like food...doesn't spoil while you get other things done!   I joined the Ritzy Thimbles quilt guild and they will meet next monday night.  Right down in town!  Couldn't get in before.  They only allow 70 in the guild, and there was always a waiting list!  So I hit it just right and got in. 

My calendar is getting full for the year!  Then all of a sudden you are going in several directions and wonder where all the time went!  So I had a good January, and February.  Won't get too many more times where I can sit and really get quilts together. 

More quilting, and tiny stitches!  Patty

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