Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two more bags made up and sent off to a friend!   I was supposed to go see her and go to the Sewing Expo, and then Terry needed gall bladder surgery. Bad gall bladder, bad.  I had wanted to be sneeky and find out what kind of fabric and color she might want.  Had to be more blunt and ask.  I couldn't decide between these 2 so I made both.  These bags are fun to I started another.

I didn't have enough of the sheep fabric left, but love the color combination, so the sheep will be the lining.  I also didn't want this to be square bag, so I'm redesigning it.  Also put in an extra pocket to put a bottle of water in, on the side.  Too tired to finish using the sewing machine tonight.... that will have to get done tomorrow.

Got the binding sewn around this quilt and will have to turn it tomorrow also.  There is alittle more quilting to go into the white area (somewhere), so that'll get done too.

I got the name of Loretta's quilt, it's "Guilded Diadem".  Needed to get this in so you would know!  I also got to go to the Norris guild's meeting today.  They meet during the day!  Nice bunch of women!!!  So I guess I will join that guild too!  they are up to 35 members!  The size of guilds really varies.  But each guild has such creative people in them.  They all make quilts for all kinds of reasons.  It's fasinating to see all the workmenship that goes into them.  And they are hungry for more all the time.  Want to see more, learn more, make more, and enjoy every bit of it!  You can never have too much fabric or too many quilts!  Now if we could only have all the time we want to work with them. 


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