Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today was a car day!  Autocross is lots of fun!  You get to drive the car fast and learn to handle it better.  We had to empty out the cars first and have an inspection. 

Great looking engine!  And I'm not a car buff.  But it all fits in there just right!

Lined up and waiting our turns to first drive on the skid pad and see what it feels like to drive really fast in circles!  Then we did saloms really fast!

There is Terry!  We also did braking to get it up to 60 and slam on the brakes to see how far you need to stop the car.  Not that easy.

Here we are waiting for the final autocross of the day.  They set up cones and you drive the course.  Going faster each time, and practicing good methods to handle the cars. 

Tomorrow is the quilt show, and I'll have lots of pictures of those.  It's in Maryville at the college if you all want to go see!  Terry is out washing the car now.  I'm worn out!  I really love to drive.  Those cars are a dream to handle.  There was an empty beer can under the front seat !  When I did the braking thing the first time, it came flying out!  Have to have a talk with Joey about that! 

So it's really been a long time between quilting days.  I'm starting to go nuts about that.  But there are things that get put on the calendar, and you just have to do them.  About another week of those and hopefully, I'll get back to quilting more.  Hibernation didn't last long this winter!

Start to spin, both feet in.... that's what we learned today!  PUSH THE CLUTCH AND THE BRAKE AT  THE SAME TIME, when you start to spin.  Let go of the wheel and enjoy the ride.... (Then change underwear.)

I need to go hold some cotton for a while.  Too tired to eat.... Patty

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