Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

This is a quilt that I had pictures put onto fabrics.  Then I filled in with 9 patchs, flying geese, and square in a square parts.  This is a smaller version of another that I did for Dad.  He had alzehimers and was having trouble remembering family members.  Pictures are a great help.  A quilt made of them was terrific!  My brother had it put on the wall in his room at the assisted living place, and people would come to see the quilt.  It gave Dad people to talk to and a subject, without feeling like he had to initiate conversations. I had made a "map" of the quilt and listed who everyone was.  So he could hand them the map and they could see who was who.  It was easier on him instead of him having to remember all that.

Here are some closer pictures of different sections.  You just cut strips that are 1 1/2" wide and keep filling in.  There is no right or wrong way to do this!

The oval pictures, I just added strips of colors.  On older looking pictures or black and white ones, you can add the black triangles in the corners to make it look like they are in the older scrap books.

The yellow triangles are praire points added into the seams for color that will take your eye around more.  I had fun adding in the checker board fabric too.

Now for more of the castle that was in the house exchange!  Tone did the dragon flag.  My friend, Karen gave me the golden dragon last year. 

Deb did the sign "It's good to be Queen".  Sandy did the moat and I added more to that!  You need things that have been in there for a while!

This is looking into the court yard.  I added gold tulle netting for where the carts would have made ruts.  The chess pieces aren't attached, but I want to put them in somehow...

Candace did Rupensil in the window.  I can put her into any of the windows.  I added the ivy around the castle, and the buttons have dragons on them too!  It's not all sewn down yet.  I keep thinking about finishing it.  Then stuff happens and it gets put back in the box.  Some time it'll get all sewn together and the pins out.  I'll enter it into some contests at the Art Center, I think.  Should turn out ok to be seen!  Just a fun thing to make!  All the houses were very creative! 

So enter challenges to try new things and stretch your imagination!  You could come up with some really fun stuff.  Or have a mess that leads you to something else.  Did you ever worry about making a masterpiece when you started finger painting or opened a new box of crayons?  Nope.  You just wanted to have fun.  And so you should with fabrics! 

Terry is doing well... we went for a walk this morning.  He's bored, so he must be getting better!   Patty

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