Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Quilt Show Pictures 2012!  This was best wall quilt by Leona Harden, "For Alex: Love, Mom"  It is about 72" across, no small quilt.  Workmanship takes my breath away.  I don't machine quilt.  That's what this is...and it's wonderful!  She took doddles and drawings that her son had done and turned them into this quilt.  The trees are all threads.  I really love this one!
I did get permission from people to put up these quilts.  Will still try to get more up. 

"Golden Gossamer" by Loretta Painter.  Different from her others.  I really love this one. 

Now I hope I'm getting all the information in here correctly!  If not I am sorry ahead of time.!

Sandy Kambic did this as part of a challenge for the Tellico guild.  Had to be a travel poster!  You go girl!  Great design.

Deb DiPietro, "Curvy Cats". What a fun quilt!

Every show will have an Elvis quilt by Nellie Durand "My Velvet Elvis".

I think this is "Double Dip" by Loretta Painter.  She's changing her style! 

My "Spanish Coast".  A small one done with the Happy Village techniques.  I would love to do a bigger quilt, but the pieces are so small to handle... so either have to do larger pieces or forget it!

Tone Hagen-Cogburn's challenge piece.  She stretches her techniques and amazes me all the time!

Gloria Felter's " the Bear Walked Over the Quilt."  Just love the happy feeling with the paws tilted!  My kind of colors too.

My "Stylized Flowers".  It was hard getting colors that would work on top of this blue fabric!  Should have done somethiing with black on it!

Linda Claussen," NMAH and the Quilters".  Just love the bees in this one... there is a history to it...

My "9 Patch and Koi Fish" got an honorable mention.  I'm teaching this class in April through the Ritzy Thimbles Quilt Guild.

This one is yummy.  I think Leona quilted it... I can't find it in the book.  The sandy background color makes the jewel tones really stand out.

"Blooming 9 Patch."  I got an honorable mention for this one too.  I won't be making minatures much.  The small pieces are hard to control....

Linda Roy's quilt!  "Vintage Values"  is superb hand workmanship!  The camera can't pick up all the details. 

"Circular Motion", another of mine.  The quilt that got 3rd place in this catagory also used this technique.  Her's was in hot colors and was really fantastic!

Tone's turtle exchange ended up with a lobster in it!  Too Cute!  Just love the look of this one. 

I took 94 pictures.  There were about 175 quilts in the show.  If you didn't get there, you missed some wonderful quilts! 

Again, I will put up more quilts as I can.  I still feel that once they are in a public show, that you are allowed to take pictures but not to profit from them or use of them.  Believe me, I'm not making any money from a blog!  I love to share things about quilting and get people excited about making them.  Seeing quilts helps get your creative juices flowing.  People are going to "copy" them.  But most of the time, they rarely duplicate them.  They just can't.  I don't take pictures of someone else's patterns, but I do show what I have made, even if I used a pattern or book or a technique.  It's interesting at national shows, you can see a quilt that was made on one coast, and one on the opposite coast, and the quilts can be very, very similiar!  But the makers don't know each other at all.  As designs evolve, there will be similiar quilts.  Only if you stop looking at other peoples quilts all together will you come up with something that no one else has done. 

As you travel or have events happen to you, your designs will be influenced.  The journal pages that I saw one year in Houston were a testimony to that!  Working in a series is fun to try a twist on the second piece, or put in something else.  Adding and subtracting makes your creativity go to work.  I'm attracted to some one elses color choices and differnet ways that they put things together.  But that doesn't mean I'm copying things.  Influence is different.    So viewing quilts from a show will spark an idea.  I doubt anyone will copy exactly what is there. 

By trying different things, styles, or techniques, you may find something that is fun and that you love putting together.  Only by letting your creativity play, will you come up with something original.  Isn't that how the techniques are developed?  Books are written to help us try something new.  With all the wonderful fabrics we have collected, it's time to start cutting them up and playing around with them!!! 

"Plan to be Surprised!"


  1. There were a lot of wonderful quilts in that show. Thanks for the chance to revisit some of my favorites ... including my own Elvis piece.

  2. Wonderful Patty! Blogging is a lot of work.. I appreciate your effort!