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Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ok, you ever have a project that you start years ago, and it sort of comes back to the surface every once in a while?  Well, I must have started this over 25 years ago when I was down in Louisiana and finding all kinds of Hawaiian patterns.  I could only find polyester fabrics in solid colors!  So here is polyester Hawaiian wall hanging... I had cut out many different ones and they got packed away when ever we moved.  So this one I have been dragging to bee to try and get it done.  Just alittle more to quilt (look at the top of the picture in the white fabric.).  Then I have to find something to bind it with... don't have any of that fabric around any more!

Here's a slightly different view.  I do love the needle turn applique!  Darned if I can remember what this pattern is though!

Here is my current favorite art magazine!  I even love the ads.  The lines and colors of every thing is gorgeous.  I have gotten a subscription to this now.  They do show fiber arts and quilts too.

I heard that I got 2 honorable mentions.  Can't wait until the show on sunday..  Both awards on 9 patch quilts!

Today is my birthday!  I have been busy...first, Terry wanted to get some of the "grass plugs" put into the yard.  So I had to cut them as he made the holes and put them in.  Ever cut up that Sh___!  It's sand with the grass in it.  So when you cut it, the sand kind of drops off it and you are left with grass clippings.  Can't always tell if you have gotten roots in it all.  The rectangles are supposed to be cut into 1" squares.  Better at 2" squares.  6 rectangles in that box.  Supposedly they would cut up to 800 little squares.  (Yea, right)  I cut up 3 and a part, and Terry said to stop.  Not as easy as he thought it would be.....

What a fun way to start a birthday?  Then I had to call insurance company and there was all kinds of calls going on.  We are going to trade out 2 cars for one... it'll be nice once it's done, but then you have to get a few things done to each car and clean them out...I didn't get to the bank today.  But I did get to bee and I brought a chocolate cake for my birthday.  Bees decided a long long time ago, that if it's your birthday, you bring the cake.  Why?  Because we just can't remember everyone's birthday!  So you bring the cake and you always get the kind you like!  I brought Turtle cake!  Chocolate brownie with fudge frosting and caramel and pecans on the top!  YUMMMMMM!  only one piece left to bring home!  Never any left when I bring a cake!

Ok, then I come home and have to bring one car to a shop to have tie downs taken off... if you have ever towed a car on a trailer, you need those to help keep the car in place.  Come back to the bills in the mail and time to fix dinner before I fall over from hunger.  Cake can only last so long!  Now I can calm down and think about sewing something.  Think about it.  My eyes are tired.  Hell, I'm old now, so I can complain alittle bit! 

A friend is coming over to help Terry switch out tires on the other car that is going.  Terry still should not lift things and the tires are up over 6' high in the garage.  I'll hurt him if he tries.... I'm not going to go through relappes! 

Terry did get me a wonderful present.... it wasn't fabric.....


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  1. thats a gorgeous quilt no matter the time or whether finished :)