Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ok, it's been a couple of days of gardening that have kept me out of the sewing room.  Not that I love gardening, it's one of the least favorite things to do.  But someone has to pull weeds and move plants around.  It's warmer about a month sooner than usual too.  So I have to get it done.  Looks good when I'm finished....

Terry's better, still have more to heal.  He's doing all he can around here to keep from being bored. 

Thanks to everyone who visits this blog!  I'm still amazed that it is seen world wide! 

I have been quilting on the one in the frame.  I also had found some silk rayon in a thrift store and got the bug to try sewing clothes.  I used to make all my own clothing and haven't done much of that for years.  A pattern sale at Joanne's got me digging through the Vogue patterns.  They were $3.99 each instead of $35 or $32!!!!  My god, what happened to the price of patterns.  So I did cut out a shirt and it turned out terrible.  Been cutting it and redesigning it.  Glad I didn't spend all that money on the pattern or I would be really mad.  Just frustrated with the out come so far.  Not done after 2 days and it should have taken one afternoon... sleeved too tight, shirt too long and droopy, too tight across the bust.  Geeze, come on, I'm not deformed... Can't wait to see what I have to do to a simple skirt.  Also want to make a comfy dress out of this drapy stuff for the summer.  Hope I don't have a  lot of hassels with that one either. 

Keep quilting.  I know it's tough to find the time.  Our quilt show is this weekend.  I'm going on sunday.  My birthday is Thursday!  Love getting older, it's the body wearing out that I can't stand!


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