Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My quilts that were in the show are the following "Stylized Flowers".  On a whole piece of fabric that I just didn't want to cut up!  So I had to applique something on it !

Circular Motion.  I love working with this design!  Used left over blocks that were log cabins....

This is Gloria Felter's "The Bear Walked Over The Quilt".  Wonderful layout of the blocks and great colors.  She gave me permission to post it.

My "BLooming 9 patch".  Got an honorable mention!  I don't usually do miniatures.  Too fussy for my taste, but this one with all straight lines wasn't so bad. 

"9-Patch with Koi Fish"  is a fun one to make and I will be teaching the class at the Ritzy Thimbles guild in April. 

And "the Spanish Coast" is another small piece.  Wanted to do a bigger one, but all those little pieces are very tedious to work with. 

There are 94 pictures of quilts.... and I got wind that some people would be very upset if I just post them without permission.  So?  If you enter a quilt in a show and people enjoy the quilts, and they take pictures.... isn't posting them like letting people look at your photo album?  I'm not going to make a profit.  And I"m not selling any idea or pattern.  And I won't be charging anything to show them to more people.  So why is there any problem with posting things that were in the public to be seen?  Or is this just that someone doesn't have complete control over things?  I am not trying to rattle anyone's cage, but I feel that I have permission to show photos of a public event that I was charged to go into.  Are we so scared to let people see what's there?  If you don't want your quilts seen, then why would you put them into a show?  Again, I won't be making any money, just want to share pictures of some great quilts....

Let me know what you think. 

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  1. Patty - In my opinion, once on exhibit they are now public material- Does not the Guild post the quilts on their website? Is this different than show and tell- which the Guild also post on their website.