Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Let's see?  What did we do today....?  Got another car.  Traded in 2 and brought home one.  This way, no cars outside during hail storms and tornadoes.  The truck is out there. 

don't you just love the blue!  I do!  Can you guess what kind they are?  Does is matter....?  Well, I guess so.  I love mine and fit in it just right!

Meet the neighbor hood kitty.  She's the sweetest thing.  This time she came right up to me.  She's been kind of skiddish for a long time.  Just barely has a purr. 

Ok, I guess I should say more about the car.  But what can I say.  We had an Audi that Terry finally said he wasn't that crazy about it.  It didn't have a standard shifter.  We have always had that and while I was getting used to the Audi, I wasn't hooked on it either.  The Caymen was the car we got to go to the track days and drive that (yes this is the quilter!).  But that was in need of some attention since it was a 2006.  So this one is a 2009, and has the warrenty.  So if something is wrong with it, they fix it!  After just spending more than we wanted to on replacement things on the Caymen, we decided to trade those 2 in and bring home this Carrera.  Sweet.  Terry is out there learning all the buttons, bells and whistles now. 

So there is a quilt show this weekend and I'm going on Sunday!  I have fooled around with test drives, insurance agents, paperwork, and all that stuff!  I really need to just go look at pretty fabric things soon, or I'll go nuts! 

Practice Random Acts of Quilting!  Patty

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