Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's all together!  Not bad!  Got the backing pieced and the binding cut out.  I always cut that out right away and keep it with the quilt as it is in progress.  Used to put the fabric for the binding on the shelf, and would either cut it up for something else, or loose it.  I still loose it, but find it when the quilt has got other binding on.  Just another problem with forgetfulness. 

I did go to a couple of thrift shops today, and found some really soft fabric with funky Hawaiian prints.  It's either rayon or silk...probably rayon.  There's over 5 yards of each, so there's plenty to cut up and try new patterns out.  At $1 a yard, I won't panic about cutting something up and having it come out wrong.  This fabric is so soft after being washed that I hope its going to turn out well.  It's also about 50" wide!  Very unusual.  I got the patterns at Joanne's. They were having a sale on Vogues at $3.99 a pattern.  So I didn't even look at the full price until the check out clerk said how much I had saved.... ?  The patterns were $32 and $35 each!  Unreal!  When did patterns get so expensive!  The cheaper ones were $22.50.  I never spent over $5 before.  Either that, or I would just go buy the clothes already made. 

Hawaiians make their clothes with the back side of the fabric facing out.  This is because then it doesn't fade (more).  It'll already a faded look.  That's why all the clothing out there looks like they have it on inside out.  Pretty smart actually. 

I have a couple of coats that I want to make up... but I think I'll be lucky to cut out a couple of shirts tomorrow and a dress. 

And here's Terry!  He's better.  He goes back to the dr on the 26th for the ok...

Always plenty to do around here.  Didn't get too much quilting in today.  At least got the borders on that quilt on the design wall....

Stay calm and quilt.

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